Sunsets and other September stuff

While the sun treated us to a lovely September treat we treated our ears.

Starting off the evening with a set of Buddha machine and Deer noises was Fallow. Creepy, Loud, quiet and blissful by turns.
Here’s a quiet bit so you can hear the Buddha Machines.
The buddha and the beast

Continuing the run opf arriving late from the west country with no time to soundcheck we had Little Boat and his guitar (lovely old) amp and pedals.

This is a cover version, it kind of stops halfway through, but that doesn’t matter.
cover version

And rounding off the evening were the wonderful Power Up, violin, voice and various electronics I think this section has something of the variety of their set.
song from the middle


now, thats a youtube moment

The second gig gets written up first: For Brighton live we took over the window of the clothes Shop juju in the North Laine as part of the Brighton Live promoters festival.

We set up _minimalVector inside the shop with a projector and his laptop for visuals, Tim and Soly kindly cleared the window and a rack of clothes inside.

Hot Roddy took first place and drew quite a crowd. He played a blinding set for about 40 minutes. Lee took a picture:

ANd we recorded an mp3:


Second in the space was Rashamon, hot foot from his show at Concorde2. Lee played a trademark set of hip hop inspired beats, beautiful washes and detailed psychedelia.

Heres the tail end of his set:
rashamon-Kelowna_Radio+Girl_ from_81.mp3

Last of all Terror Wogan let rip with the Atari stomp. crunching lo-fi 8bit ragga and electro.

pleased to say, that a passer by did capture the moment for us and post it up to youtube. Thanks clubberholic. He’s also the source for the photo’s up on flickr – so double thanks.

Werewolves of brighton – clocks tick by themselves

The full moon played havoc with us tonight. Equipment malfunctions, homing pigeons circling the neighbourhood unable to find a home, badness all round.

The lucky recipients of the brunt of the lunar waywardness were ad:art who repeatedly struggled against collapsing hard drives, but eventually succumbed to the whmsy of fate.
But not before leaving us this singular version of
fat (but happy)

Practically the last thing con_fuzed did before taking her coach over the sea was play this show. A terrible grapple with the gods of Brightons traffic meant that she arrived too late for a soundcheck, we did get a recording of her set though: here is an excerpt.

Noteherder &McCloud actually played first and escaped relatively unscathed.
Here is a segment of something seen through the window of a passing El

After another attempt to pay their set gave rise to a further abbreviated song and a lengthened sense of frustration, ad:art played some stuff off this CD, while _minimalVector did some visuals.
Its a good CD, if you see it anywhere, you should snap it up.


stay out of the woods

Due to a catastrophic system failure at 10pm the previous night (oh the joys of ‘just doing that final tweaking to the set’) Rekalix had to withdraw at the last minute, which is a shame as we were really looking forward to his set.

So minimal impact stepped in with a refined minimalist minimal impact set. Not as expansive as the uberdrone of legend, it was an exploration into the detail of what makes him tick. Illuminating.

We’re very pleased to have hosted Misha Begley’s first live show. A tour de force of Vocoder, distortion, strange loops and abrasive noises crowned with a creepy version of one of my favourite songs (its from “the wicker man”, the scariest film ever).

And bringing things to a chaotic and imaginative close was a collaboration between Eastbournes finest and a another group making their debut we had Deepkiss720 featuring Meat Dream. Beyond description as anything that involves Deepkiss720 seems to be it featured home made suits and masks; an electronic mug tree, unplugged leads and all manner of butchered devices.
deepkiss_720_feat_meat dream-35to40mins.mp3

There is some video, too at the
myspace page

Visuals by _minimal vector.

the colours flow through me

Following from last months show, where we had _minimal vector provide up to the minute processed images, we went back to old school slide projectors and incense for what was billed as an evening of twenty first century psychedelia.
The first shot is what we saw (we had projectors on stage, couldn’t get quite enough smoke up for full effect due to the high level of electric fan action going on).

J’m Black played a set with his new loop setup, which seemed to include some breaks and beats that were quite unexpected. An excellent set of improvised pieces, which included some amazing space guitar and a terrific bit of Jazz/Space call and response guitar, with the response seeming to come from the other side of time.


The Birds of Death Valley were a duo, and it’s hard to find fault with an act that start their set with a Theremin, so I won’t. A space electronica dub tribute to Sun Ra with robes and shades, the Theremin I’ve mentioned and cornet. And Planet earth in her glory full screen behind.

The Birds of Death Valley-orbital_point.mp3

And to round the evening off ElMaes, a five piece, played “5” in a long version, sitar (Hot Roddy/Same Actor) and tablas, electronics and voices (more voices in fact than there seemed to be people talking). Incense and swirly lights I’ve also mentioned. Didn’t I?


Berlin Beat Club

Bugger London: the visuals by _minimalVector have added a vital piece to the Spirit of Gravity Jigsaw. Check out the picture of Harmonium A Hash Tables above.
Stare at it intently while listening to this piece of aquatic foolery.
Harmonium A Hash Table – Whaleslide
If you only know Steve from his minimal impact work, this may be a shock (Rhythm! Bass! Percussion!). So brace yourselves for a pleasant time.

Terror Wogan returned to The Spirit of Gravity for the first time in ages. Looking a bit better and with meaty chanteuse Sirloin Dion in tow for a feast of Ragga breaks, bent toys and 4o year old effects units. Nice.
Terror Wogan vs Sirloin Dion – Peak to beat

Unfortunately Faoi couldn’t make it.

So in the tradition of the earliest Spirit of Gravity nights, we finished with an improvised collaboration between minimal impact, Terror Wogan and Sirloin Dion. The recording is confused and confusing, droneful and giggly, Steve described the set to me as “Comedy Dronecore” and that seems fair enough.
minimal impact vs Terror Wogan and Sirloin Dion – duppy stalks norn village – seeks origins of sound

Again you can see a little of the visuals in this picture.


We have a new host, tying things together and making up for the fact Rashamon is on holiday, electronica superstar and funnyman Lee Hume.

If you really want I’ll put some of his introductions up, just so he gets a soundfile too.

Dan Powell started the evening with a set of electro-acoustic improvisations and new sound processing software. It was mad, like a kids toy train stealing a 1950’s computer.
here’s a track called Bells.

Following dan was Made out of wool, an act with a special place in the heart of the Spirit of Gravity. After blasting us with a solo set as yellow not yellow at SoG@Wrong, this collaborative set between Jason and Nikki, was a much more subtle beast. The mp3 starts from the point I started hallucinating. Its a track called Bells.

They said it couldn’t be done. “The Gross Consumer playing at Spirit of Gravity – you’re having a laugh, it’ll never work”.
So proving two things, the broad tastes of The Spirit of Gravity, and the broader musical reaches of The Gross Consumer, we proved them wrong. We love it. Heres a track called Bells.


And thanks to steve at minimal impact we have a (large) download of the whole of The Gross Consumer set, including feeble attempts at justifying his actions in light of what was on the flyer (that is, it has all the banter).