Ghosts and Aliens

I’ve been told some people are having problems getting the files to play, if you are, try saving them to your machine and playing them from there.

We have a new camera, and a new Minidisk Recorder, so its all gone a bit art this week. The full size picture of Gus in particular is a rare treat, scary powerful stuff.

Gus plays Bass

Thor and Dan process it – a set of results are here.

minimal impact also process Gus and some of their results are here.

Chevron give us a break from strings and plays a silver keyboard, this should have been the first outing for Chevvers new laptop, instead it was (hopefully) the last outing for the old one, poor broken thing, I’ve never seen a laptop struggle so manfully.

Bela played her Cello and this her new Viol, we were hoping to have a lovely clear shot of it, its quite lovely to look at, oh well.

Bela also played the Saw, and sang, the saw isn’t on our recording as we didn’t mic it up, but as she was processing her voice we did capture that.

Outside the space-age

A busy night at the marlborough Theatre, starting off with a brief but entertaining burst of unpoesy analogue improv from that fake bureacracy. The picture has Notnick Rilke reclining and Untony’s rather nice van’s just visible from behind the table.

Is their entire set.

Komuso Buddha machines had another special one off performance for us. This time a piece for six Buddha machines and two Zoundz. The Buddha machines were distributed amongst members of the audience who had complete control of them and there was one Zoundz machine onstage with FX and one Zoundz in the audience. Overall a very inetersting experience in 3d sound. Here rendered in Mono simulated stereo.


Hot Roddy Bingo. Really needs no description. But that won’t stop me. Brief bursts of Hot Roddy songs, including live sitar. In random order, with bingo numbers called. The winner was Mr Gillitt of Roundhill Crescent who won the ingredients to make pancakes (it was shrove Tuesday after all).


KEYKEEPER+TEMPOS, Henry made an introductory speech about the nature of experimental music making and its current state. Then with some new software tweaked to strangeness, a toy guitar and some household appliances he sang a few songs There is a point on the recording where you can hear someone say “It’s like Danny and the Dressmakers crossed with The Butthole Surfers in a washing machine…In space”
And thats a fair enough set of pointers if you know any of them concerend. For the rest of you its Outsider electro-noise art.


January Songs and things

Rashamon and the ghost. i suspect its possible to construct a history of the world from the live versions of !Mates to Some Pilgrim”. But I’m not going to help you to do it by posting the great version from this show.
Instead here is Lees remix of The Uneven Dots song “Assembling at Dusk“.
He likes it so much he plays it out even if it is ‘unfinished’.

Komon gets too songs on the blog, mostly cos we loved Antonia’s cover of “Velocity Girl” so much, and it is so short we had to include one of her own songs too – “Take it as a compliment“. And because we loved that one, too.

And as for choosing one of Twocsinak’s songs, very tricky, too. And then there is the problem of what the name of the song actually may be. So we emailed Joe….

‘ (it) is one of a trilogy of songs, going under the umbrella title “Three submissions for Readers Digest”; it is the third section, entitled “Poetry for the elderly” or possibly “The Love Song
of J. Alfred Prufrock (T.S. Eliot)”. If it were to have an individual title, therefore, it would be “Three submissions for Readers Digest – iii) Poetry for the elderly: ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ (T.S. Eliot)”. But that’s a bit long; also, I tend to give live recordings different names to the actual recorded version. In which case, could you call it “An anagram of toilets, accidentally started an octave too low (live submission)”? ‘

Um, I don’t think I did call it that in the end, cos I couldn’t be bothered turning the spaces into underscores.
twocsinak-3 submissions for readers digest pt III.

That’s all, next month something very different.


Things to do for SoG@Wrong music

You could sit and Watch Hot Roddy do his stuff amidst the smoke.

You could try and see Jay from Yellow not Yellow trying to hammer his Cymbal flat

You could dance to minimal impact.

No seriously, you COULD dance to minimal impact.

Or you could talk to Dan, Bobby or Roddy.
But not while minimal impact were playing, obviously.

And It Wuz

The second show in November saw the collective in maximum effect at Wrong Music. We had the second room and it was a great chance to play loudly for a change. Much as we like the chinstroking ambience of that the Marlborough Theatre provides, once in a while its nice to really let rip.

No Pictures yet – Sorry!

Starting the live sets proper, in a stop start improv manner was The Spirit of Gravity Quartet, with Chris Cook (Hot Roddy) on Sitar and Jason T on violin alongside the base SoGQ4 of Steve from minimal impact, Dan Powell and McCloud.


Rising from that starting with a Same Actor style processing of the Sitar but quickly getting the breaks going was Hot Roddy. Showcasing lots of stuff from his impending Wrong Music CD and some new tracks, it was rattling good stuff. Unfortunately, apart from “missed callers” a track we posted up about a year ago, the only recording we got was this one song. Which isn’t to say its bad, just that I like to have the whole set to brag about.

It’s a new one, this is its working title.


Getting the drone thing going for the first time that evening was Yellow Not Yellow, Jay from nost8ments new solo effort. Ripping stuff, violin, voices, cymbal, effected to hell and back. In the Gravitational Pull review I call it Industrial Ghost music, and it is, a machine roar with screams and mutterings from the pits.


Changing the mood slightly Casio Headbutt surfaced for their second show, kicking off with some high density organ psyche, followed by some silly casio preset action before finishing off quite nicely with this.


After that minimal impact finished off the evening with a no prisoners set of uber drone violence. mi is custom made for this sort of environment: every damn thing in the room was vibrating along with a sound that sent us home dribbling and grinning empty eyed.


Although minimal impact did have more people dancing than anyone else.
I don’t understand.

november will be magic again

As close as we’ll get to a Christmas show I reckon, the November show was indeed magic.

The Reasonable Men displayed simple virtuosity on guitars, keyboards laptop and some strange tone generator that I was quite enthralled by (More! More!). And they played for 45 minutes. Good job they started early.

Monster Bobby played his guitar, Dr Sample and Casio keyboard (“The hiss? I could get rid of that, but I rather like it”). He sings songs, including “The burning ambition of early diuretics” and this one, the epic “I heard you’d moved away”.

minimal impact, well, compared to the high intensity version that was to follow on Thursday at Sog@Wrong this was pretty low impact, but still, dronetastic. Echoes, drones, sheep and spacemen.

Wide open spaces – the October show

Guests for October came from countries where travelling by car is measured in days. Except Celled, who come from a place where finding a parking space takes days.

Just before he headed back to Canada, the long way round (while the nights have got colder here, I’ve just heard from Sean its 32 degrees C where he is in Thailand) nwodtleM played his fourth set for us.

Sean came up with a special set for us, eschewing the normal breaks and 80’s samples, it was a blast of tones, white noise and found concrete. All pitched up and down and messed around with and sourced from philips compact cassette.


On a busmans holiday, Chris Cobilis stopped off to bang the table, play guitar and zither and occasionally sing. The cultural ambassador from Perth Western Australia. I haven’t got a clip if his encore lecture on Australian Culture or the introduction to the Australian piss-weak seagull.

But I have got this dry and dusty as the West Australian plains version of
which Chris loops up out of a dodgy guitar lead crackle. Class.

Trekking in by Taxi from Hove came Celled. A minimalist treat of piano, Korg and effects, Celled took three songs by their noisy alter ego’s Sold, slowed them down beyond the point of it being funny and played them extremely quietly.

Joined by Ben Inman on very quiet Cornet, this is an unrecognisable version of Solds live favourite .