On the Edge in May

Standing around trying to look interesting. May was our festival collaboration with “On theEdge” at the Open House pub in Brighton.

On the Edge do a weekly improvised live music event and once a month invite guests to play. It’s a great, very friendly night, we had a great time talked to a lot of new people and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Three pieces were played by the Spirit of Gravity Quartet. Here is the third in its entirety.


Sorry the blah is a bit brief, I’m busy with the Shitmat rmix CD (at last) and the ElMaes 7″, so its all go, but suffice to say – the Safehouse crew are great we love ’em!

April Show

Three acts booked plus a special bonus guest courtesy of Britch and Bela.

Starting the evening first solo performance at the Spirit of Gravity for Founder and Malevich member Tony Rimbaud as I’m Dr Bouyant.

The Joy of Loops and The pleasure of extreme repetition would seem to be his forte, you’ve had a preview of the cd, it seems next up will be a minis cd of this show, so consider this a preview of that.


Chris arranged for Kay Grant to play as his last booking before he moved to the big city. She came along with her sideband project: Chris Weaver, a former heavy metal drummer turned laptops and electronics improvisor and dan hayhurst, a sculptor who used tape loops and found sound. I don’t know if it was deliberate but they were composed on stage left to right tallest to shortest; analogue to digital, with Kay holding the centra ground all the way.
their music was a mesmerising performance of wibbling tape manipulations, processed vocal sounds and strange digital inprovisations.

here is the first eight minutes of their set:


We had a heartfelt tribute to the late poet and humorist Ivor Cutler and then our surprise guest for the evening played. Ultrafoetus, it was short and chunky, we liked it. heres a picture of Fuzz, catlike, stalking the beat in his laptop.

And heres an mp3 of one of his pieces.

Minimal Impact was very pleased to bring the show to a close with an off the cuff dream piece about the war on noise, or was it the noise on terror?

We listened to it in the near dark, and its at its best if you do, too.

Ah, I’ve lost it. Doh!
I’ll find it yet!

Found it: again its the initial part of the set


The March Show – Komuso, Ry-om, Miasmos

Komuso had McCloud and Waxed Apples’ Caleb guesting on bass guitar and bent drum machine respectively. Cliff forsaking the drums and controlling the mix, and Derek on CD decks and FX.

Enormous sheets of sound, occasional grooves and random bits of dialogue from a film being shown (not in this mix) from a box at the back.

here is an excerpt from around 5 minutes in:


Ry-om were beautiful, abtsract, and comlpetely stereo, which means that the problem with the Minidisk won’t give us a recording that does justice to their set, I think it may well be available from them, though, at


If not they have lots of other bits and pieces: recommended.

Miasmos gave us epic sequenced movements with some fat analogue sounds (where from?) and lengthy delays. Its just mono enough that I don’t feel too bad faking up a stereo track from the Right channel, but if you want more (and you do) he has cd’s avalable from www.superbo.org

Here is his last (lengthy) piece I don’t have the name for it:


The February show

Ah, the usual combination of chaos, no-shows and great music.
Although with flowers, thanks to Jim Black.

Playing his first (and as it transpired only[scroll down to Feb 23rd]) set with his lovely new Sitar was Hot Roddy.
We’ve only had Chris’ mellower and improvised Same Actor for a year or so, so it was nice to get some beats as well as the recent Bhangra influence.

Here is a new track, performed live.


Heres another picture where you can see the Sitar a bit better.

After that there was a set from Camberwell resident Register

I listened to this track travelling up through the snowy midlands by train. I don’t know if it has a name, but it kind of distils all the elements of the set I liked into the 4 minutes. There are more mp3’s on his website.

So Faoi couldn’t show ‘cos Jonny’s laptop imploded under the weight of his tricky tuneful beats, so nothing I can give you for that I’m afraid.

So Permanent Bag System couldn’t show as Henry was imploding under the weight of his tricky vacuum action. EVEN THOUGH I know hed been rehearsing cos I tried to get into his house to see him and could hear the hoover going….

BUT, we had the Gross Consumer improvising a reprise of his old Billy Fucker act. Not as funny as PBS, but then – what is? But still the kind of interesting improvised one-off that always goes down well at the Spirit of Gravity.

Its always nice to find a man in touch with his inner Train Enthusiast. Heh.


And it is the same bunch of flowers in each picture – how weird is that?

My recording of the set ends there, but Steve from Minimal Impact has a seperate mcirophone recording of the complete set. If you’re really keen.


ry-om are playing at next months Spirit of Gravity, I was going to put up an mp3 of Chris’ stuff in advance of this weeks show, but you should know it and if I can get it sorted we’ll have a live snippet to go up later this week anyway.

Here is a taster track from ry-om’slive cd.

The January Show

Good sets from Terror Wogan (Atari console ragga n’gabba), Rashamon (crunchy hip hop breaks with electronic psyche and on this occsion live bass and lots of noise) and nwotdleM (pitch control cassette deck mayhem, daft stories and gabba breaks).

A picture of the Terror Wogan franchisee of the evening and an mp3 of “Cheese Eating Atari Nightmare pt II” is available here:


Malevich live edit

Busy day isn’t it? For those of you who read the last Gravitational Pull (now at www.spiritofgravity.co.uk if you want to read it now) will now that I owe you an edit of the Malevich set at SoG on 22nd November. Well here it is – gives you some sense of the chaos that ensued; bad rapping, 2nd-hand beats and distorted noise, although that might just have been because I set the MD too loud when I was recording it. Anyway, have fun.


Tony Rimbaud