21st January at the Scope: duck-rabbit / Duncan Harrison / Laborotoro

The Spirit of Gravity presents the Scope VI

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Electro-acousti​c trickster trio

duck-rabbit explore two contrasting and overlapping personalities, one acoustic, one electronic. Using unique electronic instruments, they interact with their acoustic improvisations. This interaction creates an absorbing interplay between past and present, a constant reimagining of ideas within an expanded sonic terrain.

Duncan Harrison
The missing link between Bernard Heidsieck and Bruce Dickinson

Duncan Harrison says: “I used to have terrifying recurring nightmares in my childhood in which Ronald McDonald would enter my house and climb the stairs at an agonisingly slow pace before tickling me in my bed and leaving. I was a victim of these nightmares on and off until aged around 10 when I finally fought and killed him in one last explosive episode of these dreams. Having stabbed him deeply in the sternum with my Father’s red handled bread knife, I watched him transform into a withered and extremely aged version of himself. He apologised for all the past intrusions he’d made into my life and said he only did it to support his family. I forgave him and he disappeared.
18 years on, I have yet to dream of Ronald McDonald again, though I am certain when my time comes to die it will be at the hands of his vengeful, orphaned son.”

“Ghosts of WWII Bunkers” Installation

Laboratoro present new work that involves transporting the invisible ghosts of some WWII bunkers to the Caroline of Brunswick for a live performance/ installation. Expect artificial acoustic spaces, noise, movement and five black mirrors.
When they played at the GDS for us it was described as “The oddest thing I’ve ever seen… even here”.

All the Lissajous figures you could ask for

Wednesday 21st January | 8pm – 11.00pm | Feed the piggy donations on the door please
@ The Caroline of Brunswick, 39 Ditchling Rd, Brighton


Thursday 5th February at the Green Door Store: Pop night with Olivia Louvel, Guards! Guards! (Monster Bobby and Lisa Bouvier) and The Organ Grinder’s Monkey