6th October at the Green Door Store: The Static Memories with Al Strachan / You&TH / Steve Gisby

An evening of electronics and acoustics in collision

The Static Memories with Al Strachan
Electronics and Double Bass with added Cornet

The Static Memories continue their series of gigs with a guest with the rightly ubiquitous cornet player Al Strachan. This will be their second outing with Al. The first one was minimalist, this time they plan to be more minimalist…or is it less?

Solo violin and electronics

YOU&TH is the solo work of Brighton violinist Maria Marzaioli (Slum of Legs, Reds, The Academy of Sun). Maria has been making field recordings since 1997, improvising for twice as long, and began combining these two loves a couple of years ago. Using violin & found sounds, song & poem fragments, her work explores sonic and musical representations of landscapes.

:There are two fixed points in space and time- you and the horizon- and everything inbetween is music:

Steve Gisby
Iterative music

Mathematical processes have been at the heart of my music for the past seven years. I’m drawn to logical systems and combinatorial forms, especially when layered on top of themselves. These ideas are sometime then juxtaposed with elements of indeterminacy or performer autonomy, as a counterpoint to the machine-like precision of working with numbers.

They pieces I will be playing are created using a simple process that involves gradually assembling and then superimposing five layers of audio material, with each layer building up in the same way. The audio content of each layer is chosen intuitively, in contrast to the rigidness of the form.

Unfortunately, Marlin HeadWreck (Bela Emerson and David K Frampton) can no longer make this event and will be rescheduled for the new year, many apologies.

Thursday 6th October | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
@ The Green Door Store
Undercroft, Brighton Train Station, BN1 4FQ Brighton


3rd November at the Green Door Store: Timeron / Noisferatu / Isn’tses

The Spirit of Gravity BandCamp label has now re-emerged from a short hiatus, with a new release by I’m Dr Buoyant, “I’m Dr Buoyant plays Ron Caines.”

I'm Dr Buoyant Plays Ron Caines

For this album, I’m Dr Buoyant has taken the solo saxophone recordings of Ron Caines, and edited and manipulated them to create new forms, making more or less oblique references to the original material. No other sound source was used for these tracks.

The result is a thirteen track album of astounding variety; lyrical pieces jostle with jagged and stark soundscapes that is never anything but highly compelling and listenable.

This new release is available for donations via the following link:


Further releases are in the pipeline from Music of Benares and Bramblings.