A bit of a shine

The seagull picture was taken by a friend and collaborator Ta King, she has shedloads of photographs on the web (here are some). Anyway, the picture doesn’t mean anything apart from that I don’t have one of Waxed Apple, who the remains of this post are about.

I went to see Waxed Apple do their Brighton Live set last night at the Sussex Arts Club. Fortunatly a lot better than the Free Butt ep launch. It was nice and loud and clear, and even if people were sitting around at the front, it was still a geat show.

After experienceing the inside of a fridge chic of the Sanctuary refit, I was a bit peturbed at what may have been done during the recent renovations to the Arts Club, but fortunately its basically just a lick of paint, and a slight change in the colour scheme.

Anyway to celebrate the new Waxed Apple 5 track ep here is the last track, “Monkeys”, not just chosen because there is a chime sampled from an Elmaes session. Honest.


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