And It Wuz

The second show in November saw the collective in maximum effect at Wrong Music. We had the second room and it was a great chance to play loudly for a change. Much as we like the chinstroking ambience of that the Marlborough Theatre provides, once in a while its nice to really let rip.

No Pictures yet – Sorry!

Starting the live sets proper, in a stop start improv manner was The Spirit of Gravity Quartet, with Chris Cook (Hot Roddy) on Sitar and Jason T on violin alongside the base SoGQ4 of Steve from minimal impact, Dan Powell and McCloud.


Rising from that starting with a Same Actor style processing of the Sitar but quickly getting the breaks going was Hot Roddy. Showcasing lots of stuff from his impending Wrong Music CD and some new tracks, it was rattling good stuff. Unfortunately, apart from “missed callers” a track we posted up about a year ago, the only recording we got was this one song. Which isn’t to say its bad, just that I like to have the whole set to brag about.

It’s a new one, this is its working title.


Getting the drone thing going for the first time that evening was Yellow Not Yellow, Jay from nost8ments new solo effort. Ripping stuff, violin, voices, cymbal, effected to hell and back. In the Gravitational Pull review I call it Industrial Ghost music, and it is, a machine roar with screams and mutterings from the pits.


Changing the mood slightly Casio Headbutt surfaced for their second show, kicking off with some high density organ psyche, followed by some silly casio preset action before finishing off quite nicely with this.


After that minimal impact finished off the evening with a no prisoners set of uber drone violence. mi is custom made for this sort of environment: every damn thing in the room was vibrating along with a sound that sent us home dribbling and grinning empty eyed.


Although minimal impact did have more people dancing than anyone else.
I don’t understand.