Radio show

The Spirit of Gravity radio sh0w ‘Gravity Waves and the Spirit World’ has been broadcast on ResonanceExtraFM since March 2019, and continues to this day.

Sunday 24th July 2022 
Another bumper crop from the infamous Brighton sonic arts collective; featuring a new and epic long-form work from Kieran Mahon.

First hour: Kieran Mahon’s epic – Morning Brings the Light (Full Length version)
Second hour:
D!HR – Mosj /Sullivan Johns – Assembled Parts, Part 3 / Satisfaction Shift – Polarity / Beware of the 4D Gonk – Psyched by the 4D Gonk / Shaun Robert – Κουλοφοβία / Breathilizor – Mastication of Death / Future Punk – Dead in Japan / Awkward Geisha and Smell & Quim Toxic Cock Syndrome / Dr Awkward – Granit Ingrate / Safehouse Improvisation – 17 M17 N18 O01 / Safehouse Improvisation – 17 M17 N18 O01 / Sullivan Johns – Assembled Parts, Part 1

Sunday 28th June 2022
This was a repeat of a show from 11th December 2018 featuring the minimal impact release ‘6’ in full, plus tracks from Map 71, Tom Hall, Freedom Frampton and Karl MV Waugh, amongst others.

Sunday 22nd May 2022
SoGgy Legends: The first in an occasional series of shows focusing on long running Spirit of Gravity members. This month the full 2 hours are dedicated to the legend that is ‘McCloud

Track listing: The Stars Unfixed – McCloud / It Just Evaporated So I am Trying to Fix it (full album) – McCloud

Sunday 24th April 2022
This month, the 1st hour is split between the “Music for the quarantined” compilation from Hyper Robin Recordings in Lewes, East Sussex, and some more from the Spirit of Gravity release “Washing Up Time”, the 2nd featuring music from around the orbit of The Spirit of Gravity

W3imaraner – Sanguinity? / Circuitnoise – 18 / M Corp – Barringtons Nerds / Opus v84 – High Delay / 256v Pi – Ancient World History / Under grnd – Once / Camo. – Smiley face / Ascsoms – LauramineChelant / Brian Combe – Detergent
Vera Bremerton – Only Women Bleed / Vera Bremerton – Jeanne / Pavor Nocturnus – Il Giardino delle Delizie / Secret Nuclear – Suspicion / Mephisto Halabi – Killer in the sky / Awkward Geisha with Loopee – Clean / Lieutenant Caramel – A bird to overhear / Oargasm – iN rEALITY tHE dAYLIGHT / Ionman – live with hardcore / Meemo Comma – Neon Genesis / Eye – 777

March 2022: No show as Resonance Extra was taken over by the Outlands network to coincide with their Joyous Thing event in Milton Keynes.

Sunday 27th February 2022
1st hour – a track from Raeppen that didn’t make it onto the Elliptical Orbits 2 compilation and 2 tracks from the latest SoG release Washing Up Time based on an original bowl by Carl Anderson:
Ræppen – Gohchchát / Matt Finucane – Washing Up Time (glub glub glub) / ¥eti – Washing Up Time (‘suds’)

The 2nd is the usual melange of sounds from the orbit of The Spirit of Gravity: Gagarin – Therapia / Spheress – Gut Punch / Safehouse Lockdown Sessions (Part 5) – M01 N02 O04 / Safehouse Lockdown Sessions (Part 5) – 06 M06 N07 O09 / Mephisto Halabi – Killer in the Sky / Pavor Nocturnus – Caduta dei Dannati / Secret Nuclear – Gaussian Memory 1 / Denny Pie – Tropic of Capricorn / Andrew Greaves – Anshe

Sunday 23rd January 2022
Now that we’re turning 21 we will be continuing the celebrations; for this show we’ll delve deeply into the second Elliptical Orbits compilation of artists in and around the Spirit of Gravity.

First hour – getting in zones:
T-Toe – unwanted intrusive one / Not By Radium – Gray Life Xenophobia / Karl M V Waugh – Bliss / Andrew Greaves – Anshe / Cosmonaut Transfer – the Wind Talks
Second hour – all a bit more lively:
Dear Britch – Bye Bye Bi-Curious / R. Dyer – Risk / Hot Roddy – Youth, Depression, Compassion / 55th Flotilla – Freven (SoG version) / Rashamon – Simmer Recluse / Child – Equations / Spheress – Palpitations / Nad Spiro – Deriva / Ascsoms – Heard / f.Ampism – Seventy Six / Paul Khimasia Morgan – Change Nothing

Sunday 26th December 2021
The first half features the SoG Xmas album, about to be re-released on our BandCamp label. The second half is an hour from the Brighton based label Chocolate Monk. The rest is made up from sounds recorded by artists in the orbit of The Spirit of Gravity.

First hour: Rashamon – Festivus / McCloud – Winter Wonderland / Malevich – Do they know it’s Christmas / Bad Lieutenant – Santa’s a C*** / Hot Roddy – December will be magic again / OneManCrimeWave vs ooort paradox – Jingle Hell / Faoi – Turkeys Strike Back / minimal impact – Jinglejinglejingle / Noteherder & McCloud – Santa Cookie Jar / The Jazz Biscuits – Corridor of Uncertainty / Cockta twins – Mumije / Robin Steward – The Space Section / Spheress – Gut Punch / Cockta twins – Ne Zovi To Ljubavlju
Second hour: Chocolate Monk ear wonk: Kambrik Zone- Able to move freely through the glass / Forrest Friends – Forrest Friends – Track 5/Track 9 / Translucent Envelope – VI/XI / Hobo Sonn – Improvised music for Japanese drum machine part 2 / Glands of External Excretion – Social crabs / Constance/Nyoukis – A crooked Delirium / Dora Doll – Ganting / Stone Cornelius – Rough Music / Tania Caroline Chen – Electronic / Raymond Cummings – The month was spent wrestling towards an opening sentence

Sunday 28th November 2021 
This month we have a guest mix from Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), Dan Powell’s set from Spirit of Gravity night in October, plus lots of good stuff from Spirit of Gravity land.

First hour: Stephen Mallinder Mix for Gravity Waves: Abul Mogard – ‘Tumbling Restlessness Heaps’ / Demdike Stare – ‘Ishmail’s Intent’ / Rod Modell – ‘Outro’ / GH – ‘Albedo’ / Wrangler – ‘Peace & Love’ (Holy Mix) / Pye Corner Audio & The Advisory Circle – ‘November Sequence’ / Mika Vainio – ‘Sub Atlantic’
Dan Powell – Live at Spirit of Gravity October 2021 / Stephen Mallinder – Black Frank Spectre
Second hour: Nad Spiro – Spiaire / Misha Begley – Walking home at night / Strands (Ronan) – Loebawn artist / Audio Union – unknown title / Mi Cosa de Resistance – The things we have forgotten / Frost – Until it makes sense / Nad Spiro – Tunnel records / Deepkiss 720 – unknown title / Frost – Slippery Bricks / Noteherder & McCloud – The corner by the cemetery / Mi Cosa de Resistance – A song to sleep and dream

Sunday 24th October 2021
This month’s show is split between a selection of tracks taken from the Bang the Bore compilation ‘Here’, and some sneak previews of some forthcoming releases from the elusive art-house spoken word label Radiant Heretics Recordings:

First hour: Antivoid Alliance – Spam Jam intro / Teef / Game Show Voice / Pink Street (featuring Yang Chang Budokan)
Second hour: Seth Cooke – Roundhay garden Scene / Gary Busdriver – Trailer Food Heartburn / Jessica Bailiff – Lakeside Blues (again) / Joined By Wire – Remember Remember / Gagarin – Southern Mainline / Phil Legard & Layla Smith – IOEEUIA/EOUOEOUE / Ben Glass – Room / Noisettes – The Ubiquity of grownups, their reprimandist ululations, and my escape through the centre of clothing racks / NonFerric Memories – Saversnakes / Clive Henry – The Sentinel / Kevin Saunders – Time to told or wolf bell / Daniel Alexander Hignell & Layla Tully – Macrocosm/Microcosm

Sunday 26th September 2021
This month we present a special show featuring artists from the mysterious new Radiant Heretics label, including tracks from Ludd Púca, Dr Ray Power, Othermen, Luke Pendrell and Alex James Pollard.

First hour: Ludd PúcaFantôme dansant / Luke Pendrell & Alexander James Pollard feat. (Dawson, Crowley) – Aleister Crowley and Charles Dawson: The Order of the Dawn Man (radio edit) /
Second hour: Othermen – Clay Man Touched the Sides / Dr Raypower – The Concrete Acid Echo Tapes (Dr Raypower vs. His Majesties Lüdd Puca)
Plus: Ellis Warren – Spam Jam Live Performance * / Luke Pendrell – Spam Jam Live Performance * / * With Steven Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire/Creep Show/Wrangler)

Sunday 22nd August 2021
This month’s show features music from our recently re-issued compilations available via BandCamp, then in the second hour some field recordings from Simon James, and other music from the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity including Cutlasses, Melancholic Robot Tantrum and Dan Powell.

First hour: Shitmat – AOL (full vocal mix by minimal impact) / Stepper Shoes (Malevich Zero Fetus Shopper mix) / Fig Roller (Hot Roddy mix) / Killa Condoms (Multiplex mix) / Never seen Hollyoaks (nwotdleM remix of my shitemate) / I was once a fig roll (Cookie mix) / Sold – Catfork / Komuso – untitled (from CD4) / Waxed Apple – Sleepwalking / Rashamon – Giant (Slice) /
Remote – spirit of gravity track 3 / Rashamon – spirit of gravity track 4 / Shitmat – spirit of gravity track 6 / Malevich – the spirit of gravity track 5
Second hour: Simon James – Electro Smog / Melancholic Robot Tantrum – All systems fail / Brontis – Ddeodfvlk Vtri / Ugly Animal – Oxidize now / Barker – Polytely / Cutlasses – A Yearning To Touch (with Tom Fox) / Dead Pilot – Zimzet / Dan Powell – Walking from the hut to the piano

Sunday 25th July 2021
Presenting a special mix of live tracks recorded at the Spirit of Gravity over the last 20 years, compiled by Tony Rimbaud – a personal selection from the early years to the most recent performances, featuring all of the acts from the Spirit of Gravity Collective, plus guests including Devilman, Sarah Angliss and Monzen Nakacho.

Sunday 27th June 2021
This month’s show pays tribute to Rowan Forestier-Walker, better known to us as Embla Quickbeam,who sadly died recently.

First Hour: Embla Quickbeam – Gloam Mirror / Embla Quickbeam – Live at Splitting The Atom / Andrew Greaves – Organ Improvisations / Mathematical Tile – Ladies’ night (uncle Perce’s mix) / Yudd Habb – Butterfly sandwich
Second hour: Cutlasses with Duncan Speakman – Return Carrier / Barker – E7-E5 / Same Actor – The Current State of Play / Map 71 – Girlface Occupation / Melancholic Tantrum Robots – Ritual / Monzen Nakacho – Death Spiral / Cutlasses with Amy Cutler – Wolf moon / Ingrid Plum feat Lisa Jayne and Ben Graham – Running with wolves / Resonant Blue – Gilded

Sunday 23rd May 2021
The 1st hour is a guest mix from Spirit of Gravity protégé / progeny Spheress – presenting music made by young producers in Brighton alongside more established artists. The 2nd hour is the usual expertly curated round-up of work from across and within the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity Collective; tracks featured include material from clipping, Burial, Map71, T-Toe, Memo Comma, Isnaj Dui and Olivia Louvel.

First hour: Belief Defect – No hope no fear (Surachai Nihilist mix) / Clipping. – Looking like meat (ft. Ho99o9) / Shortghost – Liar / Wu-Lu – South (ft. Lex Amor) / Ashinoa – Koalibi / Shed – Nacht, Fluss, Grille, Auto, Frosch, Eule, Mücke / Kyoka – Smash Hush / Spheress – untitled (Will come up with a name before then) / Burial – Space Cadet / Arctor – Retrograde / Wisp – Untitled (excerpt from PSA no.26) / Itto – Nurokic / Nthng – With You (edited)
Second hour: Map 71 – Nude / T-Toe – Whats going on in Myanmar (all proceeds go to Myanmar fight for democracy)/ Meemo Comma – Tif’eret / Isnaj Dui – Moving Waters / Uryhan Geomarsar  – Sargeomar  / Uryhan Geomarsar  – Alisargra / Melancholic Robot Tantrum –  All systems fail / Pat Hime – Fumes
Olivia Louvel – Regina Embodied IV (starts 52:18)

Sunday 25th April 2021
This edition highlighted tracks from the 20th Anniversary commemorative compilation Elliptical Orbits, including contributions from Jo Thomas, Gagarin, Multiplex and Scanner, plus a special version of Nick Rilke’s ‘Real Imagined & Mistaken History of the Spirit of Gravity’

First hour: Nick Rilke’s True Imagined History of the Spirit of Gravity narrated by Sasha de Goguel / Jo Thomas – Sound Stones (live) / Kina:Suttsu – Resuscitation / Gagarin – One Island Pond / Dolly Rae Starcore – Birth Star Earth / Nuclear Whale – Crushed Under 10000 Metres of Pressure / The Static Memories – The moon
Second hour: The Organ Grinders Monkey – Feckless / Map 71 – Suburbanites / Monster Bobby – Drink To Me Only With Your Eyes / Nicholas Langley – We are the cosy boys / Scanner – OCHD / Multiplex – Rockrobot rewerkt / midi error – Sinvil eight / Yudd Habb – Butterfly sandwich / Thomas Ragsdale – Samsa / Matawan – We lingered in the chambers of the sea Part III / This Sound Bureaucracy – The real imagined and mistaken history of the Spirit of Gravity

Sunday 28th March 2021
This show included a selection of new audio works by students on the Soundworks elective BA module at the University of Brighton, plus tracks from Dan Powell’s upcoming release, Isnaj Dui, King Kong Quixote, Rapt, Kieran Mahon, mærcstapa, and an excerpt from a piece made by Nigel Wrench in South Africa in the 1980s.

First hour: Isnaj Dui – Swoon to Death / King Dong Quixote / Rapt – Drouth III / Kieran Mahon – Eternal Return
Second hour: Dan Powell – Rumbled at the gate, escaping to the barn / mærcstapa – Saint Ninian, Across/ Nigel Wrench – excerpt from “Why do the white people just shoot us?”

Sunday 28th February 2021
This month’s show features a specially commissioned mix by Dan Powell, including Martha Skye Murphy, Haroon Mirza & Jack Jelfs, John Wall & Mark Durgan, plus SoGs own Waxed Apple, Noteherder & McCloud, Henry Collins and Andrew Greaves.

First hour: Sajjra Chrs Galarreta – Uturunku Motor Hayway / In Arcadia – Minimaus / Axiomatic Integration – the Day After Tomorrow / [incite] / Johnny Woods – Autowalk / Mark Waldron-Hyden – Venus Reduction / Monzen Nakacho – The Elsewhere / Same Actor – NCR9
Second hour: Martha Skye Murphy – The Late Departure (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – 01 5-46PM, Hailstones / Haroon Mirza – Jack Jelfs – We Magnetise Thee / John Wall & Mark Durgan – Trapt / Bolet Blafard – AUDIO1-4 – 02 AUDIO1-4 B / Muster – Tine / Found Drowned – Clownslave – 02 Slave (excerpt) / Waxed Apple – Thousand Bruises / Noteherder & McCloud – What is it we want / Henry Collins – Rummaging in Amsterdam (excerpt) / Memori Yobidashi – Dang hog / Andrew Greaves – Reinstate

Sunday 24th January 2021
This month’s show celebrates 20 years of the Spirit of Gravity on the 17th January, including tracks from the re-release of our 1st CD

First hour: The Spirit of Gravity Quartet – minimal effort (tribute to minimal impact) / McCloud – Andy (tribute to minimal impact)/ Andrew Greaves – Alapanal (tribute to minimal impact) / Multiplex – Fun with Fractals / So Whitehawk Crew (pre Shitmat) – Kestrel Tannoy Syndicate / Remote – Gamelan Twelvestep  / Malevich – Feet of Clay / Waxed Apple – Monkeys / minimal impact – Battle Strength
Second hour: Distant Animals – Outer Side (excerpt) / Shortghost – Mana Man (Spheress remix) / Mark Churcher – Poi Poi Poi (MA) / Embla Quickbeam – To The Centre / Barker & Baumecker – Cipher / Fane – End of Days at Race Hill / Secret Commonwealth – Secret Commonwealth

Sunday 27th December 2020
This month presents an Amass Radiant Heretics mix, featuring Othermen, Jordan McDougall, Stephen Mallinder and more, plus music from the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity, including a track from the recent Cookie release, and contributions from Gagarin, McCloud and Cutlasses.

First hour: Amass Radiant Heretics mix, featuring Othermen, Jordan McDougall, Stephen Mallinder and more
Second hour: Cookie – Futures from the Brass Instrumental / Gods Teeth & The Interstellar Tropics – Energy from the Stars (radio edit 10 Nov) / Gagarin – Lakuz / Barker & Baumecker – Spur / My Toy – ?? (Beatabet) / McCloud – Corner Management (live) / Cutlasses – The Clouds Are Fast Moving / Gagarin – South London Commons / mærcstapa – A Clockwork Zeppelin / Barker & Baumecker – Databass133_1_3

Sunday 25th October 2020
This month features an hour of Japanese mid 20th century electronic music followed by tracks from 2 new albums by friends of ours, Map71 and Monzen Nakacho, and more music from the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity, including an excerpt from a new release by longstanding member Henry Collins.

First hour: Makoto Moroi – & Toshiro Mayuzumi – Variations on a Musical Principle of 7 / Yoshio Hasegawa – The World In The Jar / Toru Takemitsu – Ki, Sora, Tiri / Toshiro Mayuzumi – Works For Musical Concept X / Toru Takemitsu – Clap Vocalism
Second hour: Map 71 – Turn Back Metropolis / Monzen Nakacho – Death Spiral / Henry Collins – excerpt from Prepared Rain side A / Nostril Flair – Playing In The Sirens / mærcstapa – Burnt Biscuit / Cutlasses – The Days That Remain / Rotten Bliss – Spun out In Devon / Monzen Nakacho – Cogs / Map 71 – Suburbanites / Kutchi – Small Hands

Sunday 27th September 2020
This month features another selection of tracks from the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity Collective, plus a special mix compiled for us by Spheress:

First hour: Small Ghost – Gene / Rotten Bliss – The Worst Is Yet To Come / Chris Cobiilis – Prelude 4 Brontis – Back on Form / Karl MV Waugh – Brightly Coloured Objects / Noteherder & McCloud – Verbatim Czech
Second hour – Spheress mix: McCloud – Lockdown holiday video Craven Vale 2020 / Annea Lockwood – Piano Burning / Idiot Drone Farm – Live at Splitting the Atom / Gagarin – Equoranda / Wrong signals – Hot Spells / Eskei – Wagner goes to Reykjavik / Spheress – Live at the Spirit of Gravity December 2019

Sunday 23rd August 2020
This month we have a taster for 2 upcoming Spirit of Gravity netlabel releases, plus part 12 of Ascsoms ongoing isolation reel experiments with 2m tape loops – check them out on Bandcamp – also a tribute to Brighton’s Green Door Store. It really feels right to draw attention to the plight of independent venues right now if we can

TRA – An Inexact Fluid (Outtake from new album due on the SoG label) / Ascsoms – Isolation Reel 12 / Chris Cobilis – prelude 1 / Nostrilflair – Look into my eyes / Cookie – The man at the bar / Noteherder & McCloud – What I sit we want (edit with intro) / Brontis – Psychotropic Soup / T-Toe – Rude Boi / Kutchi – Parka
I’m Doctor Buoyant – Behind The Green Door / Minimal Impact – Green Door Crackle / Noteherder & McCloud – (wait outside the) Green Door / CaPsLOcK – Live At Green Door Store / Shitmat – Green Door / The Antibodies – Green Door / Antivoid Alliance – Live at Green Door Store / Pour – Green Door

Sunday 26th July 2020
Featuring another selection of tracks from the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity Collective, including an hour-long guest mix, a track from the latest Spirit of Gravity Bandcamp release by Cookie, and sounds from Chris Cobilis and Jobina Tinnemans.

First hour: Guest Mix – Noise Evades Kontrol – Dr RAYPOWER
Second Hour: Cookie – Man-tra / Chris Cobilis (performed by Spektral Quartet and Kenneth Goldsmith) – The Sun as Narcissus- Big Boy Prism / TRA – The First of the Adventures / Cloud Diameter – Liquid Interior / H A I R S A B Y S S – Up North / Brontis – Futuristic Bum Cream Infomercial / Jobina Tinnemans- The Shape Of Things Aquatic / Jilk – Last Star Stopped / Chris Cobilis – This is you

Sunday 28th June 2020
The first hour is drawn from new releases all set loose in the world in the last couple of months of COVID 19 lockdown, including the latest from the Spirit of Gravity netlabel, Distant Sounds. The second hour revolves around two live sets from last year, one from Spirit of Gravity long time member Henry Collins, and the other from more recent favourite Elefante Branco.

First hour: Meshes – Empty Weight / Ascsoms – Isolation Reel 1 pt 1 / Olivia Louvel – A Woman Artist Not Deprived / Soundtrack -Industrial Wasteland / Muster – Remote Control / Noteherder – Your Warmth / Jilk – All Gentle Creeping (Arrive For Soft) / Olivia Louvel – The Sound Of A Mallet
Second hour: Elefante Branco – Live On February 21.2020 / Nil By Nose – That Chair Rocked It’s self / Urs Graf Consort – Sudaca / Henry Collins – Rummaging in Amsterdam / Jobina Tinnemans – Microbioism / Brontis – Hoofin’





  1. OUTLANDS – Meet the Producers Podcast
    2. Beatrice Dillon – Face B
    3. Carl Craig ( Beatrice Dillion Remix ) – Darkness
    4. Beatrice Dillon  – Ecstatic Materials
    5. Copper Sounds – Gong
    6. Beatrice Dillon – Reebs Dub
    7. Beatrice Dillon – Carrier and Mask
    8. Beatrice Dillon – My Nocturne

March 2019 show
Gravity Waves
Change & Stasis – Forty Windows

The Spirit WorldAlea – Palaces Intro
Static Memories – The Fifteenth Boulder (starts at 44 seconds)
Child – Love (starts at 6:12)
Rapt – II (starts at 8:52)
Iain Paxon – Crater, Pit (starts 17:03)
Not by radium – Movement 1 an inner agitation (starts 27:58)
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells – Safe Days (starts 52:54)

Gravity Waves April 2019

Noteherder & McCloud live at The Rose Hill, Brighton
Dame Area – Luce (starts 30:54)
Monzen Nakacho – Planeto De Mortuorum Part I (starts 34:53)
Iain Paxon – Decades – Days (starts 42:01)
Ugly Animal – Unco-ordinating (starts 52:01)

April show:

Audio from points within the quantum field of the Spirit of Gravity collective, including Noteherder and McCloud live + a full hour from Brighton producer Ellis Warren – a.k.a. Zero Margin Reality presenting his Staly mode mixtape project – “A homage to Soundcloud poverty; a relentless stream of hyper self-awareness; a big ol slapp. Staly is the brine. This is R££L LYF£!”

Tracklisting:Noteherder & McCloud live at The Rose Hill, Brighton
Dame Area – Luce
Monzen Nakacho – Planeto De Mortuorum Part I
Iain Paxon – Decades – Days
Ugly Animal – Unco-ordinating
Zero Margin Reality – Staly Mode part 1
Zero Margin Reality  -Staly Mode part 2

June 2019 show

This months show features an hour of Spirit of Gravity and former Rimbaud Brother Tony Rimbaud’s long form Not by Radium guise.The rest of the show has a shorter set of pieces by mostly local female acts.Gravity Waves & The Spirit World June 2019Not by radium – a Symphony of Bones (radio Edit)Not by radium – Movement 1 an inner agitationYOU&TH – Te Voglio Bene AssajeJohanna Bramli – Tales from a Bargain BinSarah Angliss – WanOlivia Louvel – Mes Taches de RousseurMap 71 – Ex-Socialite Needs A New InventionDame Area – Pluma blancaLia Mice – Human BeingMark Saunders & Suzueri – Track 4Sealionwoman – SandsBela Emerson – IncarnidineBOBOBOBOBOIN! – Dear Love Child〜Single Mother Blues

Gravity Waves July 2019

DR:WR – Infinite Hi-Rise
Spaghetti Blacc – Zero million (starts at 14 minutes)
Johanna Bramli – Spirals
Keith Seatman – Trudie’s Delight (starts 27:15)
Paul Khimasia Morgan –  More Like The Slow Leech Of Ink Through Blotting Paper (starts 33:39)
Cosham Community Player’s Association – Projectile
Olivia Louvel – O Let Her (starts 52:25)
Kosmische Glass – Nearly Circular (56:08)

Gravity Waves show August 2019

Gravity Waves – August 2019Tim Sheinman – Music for Nine Coastguards
Muster – Find a City To Live In (starts 4:22)
Fane – Skaftafel (starts 12:42)
King Dong Quixote – Casio Beat (starts 23:10 )
Mi Cosa De Resistance & The Melancholic Ladies Orchestra – Invisible Manoeuvres (starts 30:36)
ELEFANTE BRANCO – Movement TWO- Machine’s Carnaval (starts 39:21 )
James Place – Inspite (starts 44:55 )
Tim Sheinman – Kinski (52:55)The second half of the show features another long form piece by Spirit of Gravity founder and one time Rimbaud Brother Tony Rimbaud as Not By radium.

gravity waves September 2019

Gravity Waves september 2019Claire M Singer – Solas
Brain Dead Ensemble – Ozelting (starts 10:45)
Psanck –  Saith Cant Un Deg un (starts 27:28)
Raeppen – duopmosotnabeaivi (edited)

other segment was Jonathan Higgins live at SoG, and a bit of Eliane Radigue

The real october 2019 show:

Gravity Waves October 2019

Chrism and Fenris – Yeh  (see the Clan Analogue site for details)
Barker – Die-Hards Of The Darwinian Order (starts 4:39)
Ugly Animal – Tunnelling (starts 13:46)
Spaghetti Blacc – an entity without machina (starts22:41)
Elefante Branco – Do Ato de Dançar Dormindo (starts 27:39)
Claire M Singer – Eilean (starts 34:45)
Scott McLaughlin –  Harmonics of real metals (starts 45:15)-

Gravity Waves jan 2020Emma Papper – Reflctions02
Dan Powell – emerging from the valley into a rainshower (starts 2:50)
Olivia Louvel – Mes Taches de Rousseur  (starts 11:07)
Nil by Nose & Noventa Nada – SANS FAUTE CETTE FOIS (starts 15:30)
Barker – Models of wellbeing (starts 27:06)

The whole thing:

Gravity Waves and the Spirit World is back for 2020 with another selection of tracks from the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity Collective:
Dan Powell – Sogman’s Hitmix / Othermen – For All Time (Res Extra Version) / Emma Papper – Reflctions02 / Dan Powell – emerging from the valley into a rainshower / Olivia Louvel – Mes Taches de Rousseur / Nil by Nose & Noventa Nada – SANS FAUTE CETTE FOIS / Barker – Models of wellbeing / Fane – The Temple of Unknowing

Feb 2020
Gravity Waves February 2020

The first hour is from the new release on The Spirit of Gravity Label “It just evaporated, so I’m trying to re​-​conjure it“ by McCloud.
McCloud – The long tail (full length version)
McCloud – Unwanted Missionaries Unwinding Along Green Lanes (starts 35:19)The second hour
Inwards – Skateboarding
Jae Josephine – 2020 tbc (starts 4:17)
Kina: Suttsu – Muza (starts 22:48)
Nil by Nose – Always there (starts 55:16)

Gravity Waves March 2020

The first half is mostly releases from Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance’s label Chocolate Monk.The Singing Island – The door is in the valley
Tindegger – deed deid horst (starts 6:46)
Blood Stereo –  Two paths to outer edge  (excerpt) (starts 17:56)
Sexton Ming’s Porridge van – Twelve (starts 34:10)
The Singing Island – Stone Telling Stone (starts 43:15)
Tindegger – Mechanical (starts 50:04)

Second half
Map71 – CDM (Nmesme remix)
si – cut.db – Post Emblem (starts 8:20)
Donna Summer – The Man Who Was Thursday (starts 13:43)
Dynamo Bruit – Monody Tracts  (starts 19:33)
GRST – Penance State (Starts 25:50)
Mully – Get A Phone That Works You Useless Hippy And Maybe We Could Use The Correct Track Titles (starts 25:50)
Shitmat – You Be Virgil And I’ll Be Ted Dibiase (Starts 34:41)
Noony Banoony – froth and frizz (starts 40:29)
Maya Verlaak   – All English Music is Greensleeves (II) (Starts 44:5)

April 2020 – lockdown ii
“This month we have a special guest curation from the Othermen crew, featuring music from the sewage works, sand bag and brain cell”Text from Othermen:“And just because I’m Smyling
Doesn’t mean that it’s happy.
And just because I’m laughing
Doesn’t mean that it’s funny.Do you know how Real that is!”

Gravity Waves May 2020
Pt I
Gillian Lever – Brain Box binaural version
Zaum – Lets Call It Myth (starts 22:13)
Rotten Bliss – One Day This Will All Be A Ray Of Noise (starts 29:00)
Kutchi – Pugsly (starts 35:05)
Brown Sierra –  Mr Chiodini (Starts 39:23)
T-Toe –  မင်္ဂလာပါ – 02 ကမ်းခြေ (the beach) (starts 49:46)
Vera Bremerton –  Apostasy (Starts 56:18)

Part II
Tapeworms Orchestra – 3 pieces live at Splitting The Atom
Niki Matita – Babosa (starts 18:04)
Annie Kerr & Andrew Greaves – Thanka Alap (starts 25:16)
Inwards – 19TEST (starts 29:25)
BBBlood – Combined (starts 35:43)
Dolly Turing, Garth Erasmus – Distance Traces  (starts 47:34)
Ocean in a bottle – Space Dust – (starts 53:03)