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The final Spirit of Gravity show on Totally Radio was uploaded in September 2005, all 56 shows are archived at the Totally Radio Website

show 56, up from 30/09/05

The final show sees Lee and Chris taking a nostalgic trip through the SoG archives one last time, joined by Tony Rimbaud and Nick Rilk, lightening up the proceedings with their own je ne sais quoi. In the absence of Spirit of Gravity on Totally Radio check out:- 
Spirit of Gravity mp3 blog (Geoff Chessemaster has created a space to post mp3s and alsorts)
Wrong Music (planning to stream radio shows soon) (London broadcast/ net radio)

Waxed Apple Spirit of Gravity CDR Spirit of Gravity 3 
Minimal Impact Shut The Feedback Up CDR Spirit of Gravity 4
Malevich Little Fractures Spirit of Gravity 2 CDR 
Malevich Revolution exclusive 
Komuso Live soundtrack to THX1138 recorded at Spirit of Gravity in Marlborough Theatre Aug 05 CDR
El Maes 5 (Hot roddy version) Exclusive (original available from Oct 05 at
Faoi Live at Spirit of Gravity in Feb 05 CDR 
Rashamon The Sex Has Been Great But Now We’re Both Fucked Passive-Aggressive Frightened By The Familiar CD
Sold Sunglasses Live at Spirit of Gravity CDR 
Capslock Excert Live at Spirit of Gravity CDR
Shitmat Spirit of Gravity CDR Spirit of Gravity 3

show 55, up from 16/09/05

Fresh from a trawl of Edgeworld and Rounder Records, Chris flies solo for a show that’s seems to feature quite a lot of loud music. In particular there’s drum and bass from Spor, Enduser and Ezekiel Honig; new music DJ Scotch Egg, Matthew Herbert and Hvratski; classics from Add n to x and Moondog.

Multiplex Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (19/6/05 Hobgoblin) CDR 
Semephore Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (15/1204 Freebutt) CDR 
Konstruct Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (25/10/04 Prince Albert) CDR
Si-Cut.dB Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (4/12/03 Freebutt) CDR 
Calika Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (20/4/05 Prince Albert) CDR
Henry Collins & Chevron Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (26/7/04 Prince Albert) CDR 
Kutchi Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (26/7/04 Freebutt) CDR 
Scotch Egg Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (25/10/04 Prince Albert) CDR 
Faoi Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (22/2/05 Freebutt) CDR
Metronomy Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (15/6/05 Polar Central, formerly The Lift) CDR
Eaten by Children Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (22/2/05 Marlborough Theatre) CDR
LRS Live excert at Spirit Of Gravity (31/3//05 Prince Albert CDR

show 54, up from 02/09/05

Fresh from a trawl of Edgeworld and Rounder Records, Chris flies solo for a show that’s seems to feature quite a lot of loud music. In particular there’s drum and bass from Spor, Enduser and Ezekiel Honig; new music DJ Scotch Egg, Matthew Herbert and Hvratski; classics from Add n to x and Moondog.

DJ Scotch Egg Scotch Chicken Wrong Music Scotch Chicken 7” 
Enduser Timehold Outbreak Timehold 12" 
Spor Alpha Trion Barcode/Trouble on Vinyl Us Against the World mix CD 
Ezekiel Honig Love Session (Graphic Remix) Breakbeat Science Exercise 5 comp CD 
Matthew Herbert White Bread Brown Bread Accidental Plat du Jour CD <<< this is more worthy of clicking than any other link on this entire playlist
Ian Helliwell Gemini 4/Element of Risk Superb! Superb! Comp CDR 
Hvratski Une Drole de Journee Ache Records Split 7” with Sightings 
Moondog Mini Symphony#1 Columbia Moondog LP 
Noony Banoony Pidling Down Superb! Superb! Comp CDR 
Add n to x Little Black Rocks in the Sun Mute Little Black rocks In the Sun hexagonal vinyl single (phrawr!!) 
Graphic feat Beans I am Metal Breakbeat Science Exercise 5 comp CD 
Afx PWSteal.Ldpinch.D Rephlex Analord 8 EP

show 53, up from 19/08/05

Chris is alone in the studio, suffering from some kind of summer cold. Luckily there is new music from Bovaflux, Kayip and Popadom Pavlova, exclusive music from Tigrics and Axiomatic Intergration

Bovaflux Where There Was Nothing Highpoint Lowlife Where There Was Nothing album
Incite/ Shivers Nov 03 
Tigrics Standwasser (Different album out on Highpoint Lowlife) Unreleased
Popadom Pavlova I Egon Spengler am in charge of egg confiscation Wrong Music Don’t Get Ajax Rage EP
Hot Roddy Moths Pessemism heres my card records uk
Axiomatic Integration Live at Spirit of Gravity incite
Popadom Pavlova Bugaboo Main Feature Wrong Music Don’t Get Ajax Rage EP
Kayip At The Crossroad Sonic360 Kayip downloadable EP
Rashamon Plane As Ya Honey (Hot Roddy rmx) unreleased
Kayip 21 (feat Johan Ericsson) Sonic360 Kayip downloadable EP
Popadom Pavlova Baking Tray Corneto Wrong Music Don’t Get Ajax Rage EP
Bovaflux A Nice To Place To End Highpoint Lowlife Where There Was Nothing album

show 52, up from 5/08/05

Lee interviews founder of Entropy Music and long established electronic musician Hz. Look out for an exclusive Hz mix in the Totally Radio members area.

Anaphylaxis This Is The Place Where The Dead Help The Living Parasomnic 
ShadowHuntaz Fasho Skam
Tigrics Ebek 1.30(megvagtam mix) Highpoint Lowlife 
Incite/ Untitled Live at SoG CDR

interview with Hz
Fisty Kendal Walkin’ On Da Moon Entropy Music 
John Kraven Aphex vs Madonna Entropy Music 
Pharagonesia Continental Overide Entropy Music 
Merger Readings From The Mind School Assembly Entropy Music
Hz+Fisty Kendal Feat.Cassa Jammus Flies Like Us Entropy Music 
Dark Half Chromium 2 Entropy Music

show 51, up from 22/07/05

Cook is back after his first ever holiday from the show. Exclusive music from Rashamon, Lypsyl, Live Britch, live Monster Bobby and amazing music from Les Domestica

RashamonPlane As Ya Honey Passive Aggressive Demo From forthcoming album 
Lypsyl Ghost Songs unreleased
Juan Maclean My Shining Skinned Friend DFA Less Than Human CD 
Count Bass D Josephina Drakeman ? ?
Lali Puna Micronomic (Boom Bip mix) Morr Music I thought I was over that CD 
Britch (live in York) CDR 
Max Tundra Ink Me Domino Ink Me CD single 
Metronomy A superb track off his CD “Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 you owe) CD
Third Eye Foundation What is it With You? Domino What is it With You? Cd single
Evol Intent Horns and Halos Barcode/Trouble On Vinyl/Renegade Hardware Future Beats2 CD 
Rod Freeman I Hear A New world Rough Trade CD Electronic 01 CD
Monster Bobby Just One More (Live in York) CDR 
Red Snapper 4 Dead Monks (Radioactive Man mix) Warp Redone CD 
Les Domestica Minging washing up song CDR

show 50, up from 08/07/05

2 special things about this show, firstlyChris is away on tour, it’s Lee’s first time flying solo and secondly this is the fiftieth SOG show ever, so let’s see what delights Lee played…. 

Black Dice Endless Happiness (EYE mix) DFA 
Duplo Rmote Beatbox Blagger Fatcat 
The Chap Auto Where To Lo Recordings 
D_Rradio So Happy it Hurts Static Caravan 
Dead Monkey Dead Beat Wrong Music 
Shitmat Disk Defragmenter (Rash mix) TBA 
Death in Vegas Ein Fur die Damen Drone 
Mum Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records (Ruxpin Mix ii) Agenda 
Autechre Basscadet Rough Trade 
Tersh Jetterax Battle of the Chubby Men Highpoint Lowlife 
Styrofoam The River Breaks Morr Music 
Section 25 Looking from a Hilltop LTM

show 49, up from 24/06/05

Guest: Stuart Flynn is Britch and Dirty Cakes singer and former Miss World coach and touring partner of Chris (Same Actor), Monster Bobby and Bela.

Hz and Fisty Kendal Squirrel Generator Entropy Music CDR
Out Hud JGNE GSL Lab Remix Series Volume !
Comet Project untitled CDR
Cassette Boy God bless america
Bronnt Industries Kapital Endless Pressure Static Caravan Virtute at Industria
Multiplex Secrete (Isan Remix) Senton Mixt CD 
Monster Bobby I keep Losing Things CDR
Britch Probe The Homophobe Forthcoming DVD
Britch Fag Off 
Britch Bi Curious
Bela Emerson I Jumped But I Didn’t Scream(excert) Kissing Nettles CDR
Fantomas Track 20 Ipecac Suspended Animation CD 
Fugiya and Miyagi Diagrams (Christian Vogel rmx) Massive Advance Fugiya and Miyagi Remixes CD

show 48, up from 10/06/05

Lee and Chris are surprised and delighted to have Nick from Malvich cavorting with them in the studio.

Diffuser Ripper Experiments live CD
Deviationists Sweetest Charms unreleased Wire Tapper 13 CD 
Four Tet Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions Domino CD Everything Ecstatic
Luke Vibert Prick Tat Planet Mu Lovers Acid CD

Malevich Interview

Martina Topley Bird Too Tough To Die Quixotic Indepentente CD 2003 
Fairport Convention Come All Ye Island Liege and Lief CD
Nina Simone Don’t Smoke In Bed
The Coral Auntie’s Operation Deltasonic Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker CD
Roxy Music In Every Dream Home a Heart Ache Virgin The Early Years

Metronomy New Toy Holiphonic Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 you owe) CD 
Prefuse 73 Hideyaface (El-P rmx) Warp Hideyaface single
Britch Fag Off
Fantomas June 3rd Suspeneded Animation CD 
Tammy Amor De Comptuadora Sonic 360 Production Unit

show 47, up from 27/05/05

Interview with Calika, talking about his fothcoming album “Small Talk Kills Me” CD on Audiobulb and playing tracks. New music from the Books, Shitmat, Bronnt Industriaes Kapital and Sold and exclusive tracks from Rashamon ans Sold.

Production Unit Ruskoline Monster Highpoint Lowlife Some Paths Lead Back Again CD 
A Certain Ratio Choir Factory The Graveyard and the Ballroom CD 
Remote Viewer They’re Closing Down The Shop
Shitmat Untitled heres my card records uk Board meeting mini CD comp 
Sold Sunglasses (live at Spirit of Gravity) CDR 
Rashamon Every Home Becomes a Western unreleased Frightened By The Familiar CDR

Calika Interview

Calika Jolly kclit Audiobulb Small Talk Kills Me CD 
Cedar AV Song For A Republic Audiobulb Intriacte Maximals comp CD 
Calika 5/4 swansong Audiobulb Small Talk Kills Me 
Hecker protog-eepp-forma-quack Mego Sun Panamonium CD 
Clifford/ Kealoha Untitled Polyfusia Records Tape Running EP 
Calika Before You Say anything small talk kills me Audiobulb Small Talk Kills Me

The Books An Owl With knees Tomlab Lost and safe CD 
Bronnt Industries Kapital Western Front Static Caravan Virtute et Industria 
Soiled Uttoxeter Holiday Incident Elm Lodge Recordings Happyland CD EP 
Iris Garrelfs untitled CDR

show 46, up from 13/05/05

Metronomy in thestudio playing his tracks including some from his debut CD on Holiphonic, “Pip Paine Pay The £5000 You Owe”, and some influential Fleetwood Mac. New music also from Gladkazuka, Afx, Calyx, Si-Cut.dB and a 40 seconder from your host Hot Roddy

Rithim is Rithim It is what it is 10Records The New Dance Sound of Detroit comp LP
Afx Reunion 2 Rephlex Analord 5 12”
Gladkuzuka Panamena Sonic 360 Panamena download EP
MF Doom Rapp Snitch Knishes Rhymesayers Mm….Food LP
Rammellzee Sign Your Names As Thee Gomma Bionicals of the Ramellzee LP

Metronomy Interview

Metronomy The loss of a wheel part 1 Wonders (Spanish Shoe Conpany promo CD! )
Bruce Haack Rubber Bands QDK Media Hush Little Robot CD
Sam Hallas Decides Altitude Experiement 2 Unreleased CDR
Metronomy Black Eye/ Burnt Thumb Holiphonic Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 you owe) CD 
Metronomy New Toy Holiphonic Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 you owe) CD
Metronomy Foe + Dear Wonders (Spanish Shoe Conpany promo CD! )
Fleetwood Mac Dreams Rumours LP

Si-Cut DB Post Emblem Passive Aggessive This window only Opens Halfway CD
Hot Roddy Skeleton Emotion Wrong Music Whatever CD 
A Slow Rip Certain 
Calyx Illusions Moving Shadow No Turning Back LP

show 45, up from 29/04/05

After last week’s anarchic Wrong Music dominated show, we welcome tranquility in the form of Marvin Ayres and Sonja Kristina: MasK, They talk about and play music from their forthcoming releases.

Thighmaster Crap 3 Wrong Music Complaints Dept CD
Bim untitled Litmus 3
Waxed Apple Donkey Boy CDR

chat, music and live overtone singing from MasK

MasK Sliding Universe Heavy Petal CD
Curved Air Whos shoulder Are You Looking Over anyway? Phantasmagoria LP
Buffy Saint Marie Poppies Illuminations CD Vanguard
Curved Air Young Mother Curved Air’s 2nd LP
Curved Air Young Mother treated by Marvin
MasK Healing Senses Healing Senses maxi CD single Burning Shed 
Terry Riley A Rainbow in Curved Air excert A Rainbow in Curved Air
MasK Dark Murmur Heavy Petal CD Mandalic Records , distributed by Nova Pinnacle
Marvin Ayres Harmonic Cellosphere CD Burning Shed

Mudboy Salitron Wave This is Folk Music CD

show 44, up from 15/04/05

Six people in the studio this time which is a record. Chris and Lee cautiosly welcome in the Wrong Music Complaints Department in the form of Henry (Shit), Shige (Scotch Egg), James (The Gross Consumer) and Sean (nwodtleM). James does a neat little live mix and then there’s some Scotch Egg action. Sorry this is messier than usual.

Ladyscraper Fuck off heres my card records uk tiny CD
Throbbing Gristle United (Two Lone Swordsman mix) Novamute Mutant CD 
Prefuse73 LA Correction Warp Surrounded by Silence CD 
Calika Latticel Work CDR

Wrong Music Complaints Department

Oen Decimal Point Wrong Music CD 6 Sharon Smith Tracks from Sharonosaurus, Nightmare, More Technical Methods
Joey Tribiani-I’m not Sharon Wrong Music Complaints Dept CD
Thighmaster Crap 3 Wrong Music Complaints Dept CD
Powertool Posse DIY? Cauz we gotta Wrong Music Complaints Dept CD
Wulpak Irrigate Countryside Alliance CD 
Tuna Moses in a Pickle Wrong Music Complaints Dept CD
Scotchquest Self Titiled Self Titled Records Gameboy
Oen Animals-a-crossin Wrong Music CD

Electric Life Form Untitled CDR
Shitmat Argos Planet Mu Lesser spotted burberry EP

show 43, up from 1/04/05

Chris sees the return of Adam Lygo and Paul Morgan to the studio playing tracks from and talking about the new CD Liquid Metal Flesh. A varied selection of experiental/electronic music lasts over 70 minutes this time round with new Listen with Sarah, Duff Parker and just for a change Venetian Snares.

Squarepusher Journey to Reedham Warp Big Loada LP
Venetian Snares Ongyilkos vasarnap Planet Mu Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett LP
Multiplex The Strangest Person unreleased CDR
Lustmord / Melvins Pigs of the Roman empire CD Ipecac

interview with Adam Lygo and Paul Morgan

Adam Lygo and Paul Morgan Through an Open Window six rhinocereses will Fall Into The Water Hive Music Liquid Metal Flesh CD
Adam Lygo and Paul Morgan Each Time the Omelette slides of her Shaven Head Hive Music Liquid Metal Flesh CD
Adam Lygo and Paul Morgan A Black Umbrella Will Rise Open From the Bottom of the Fountain Hive Music Liquid Metal Flesh CD

Duff Parker Should Have Worked Out Better But I guess that’s how it goes Dizzy Tiger Sun In Wintertime compilation tape
Listen With Sarah Blue Parsley WOMB records Are You Sitting Comfortably CD
The Dead C 3:28 Fat Cat Split 12” with Konono No 1

show 42, up from 18/03/05

New music The Gasman, Granufunk and Daedalus, live Faoi, abstraction from Ed Lawes and LRS, loads of ace and varied tracks.

The Gasman Fridge Planet Mu Grand Electric Palace of Variely CD
Daedulus Just Briefly Big Dada Exquisite Corpse 
Ed Lawes More Time Honoured Planet Mu 14 Tracks/Pieces CD 
Marsha Quella Destination Vert Morr Music Unsolved Remains CD 
Faoi Live at Spirit of Gravity excert CDR
LCD Soundsystem Beat Connection DFA Losing My Edge CD
Granufunk Formantenfruehstueck Sonic 360 Granufunk Cd, available for download in itines and Napster on
Chevron Power of Eternia Planet Mu Everythings Exactly The Same LP
Minimal Impact Battle Strength Spirit of Gravity Vol 4 Spirit of Gravity Vol CD 
Nav Katze Ziggy (Aphex Twin rmx) Warp 26 Remixes For Cash
LRS Track 1 LRS CD
Ed Chamberlain Base Logic Medicene Gun 12”

show 41, up from 04/03/05

Lee and Chris are lucky to have Johnny from Faoi in the studio.

The Chap Remember Elvis Rex Lo Recordings The Horse CD
Boom Bip Girl toy Leaf Blue Eyed in the Red Room CD
Pidgin Blavlsklava (Dayglo Disco Sitar Version) International Dubplate Mafia Records CD Oval Eggsperiments
Out hud One Life to Leave Kranky/!K7 One Life to Leave 12”

Faoi selection
LusineICL Numbers U Cover Iron City CD
Ambit3 Ambit Nature Enwrapped CD
Plaid Gel Lab Warp Double Figure CD
Faoi City Scape 
Dexter I program 
Faoi Lets Fuckin ave it 
IF Superman


Iris Garrelfs Live at Spirit of Gravity (excert) 
Efterklang Step Aside Leaf Tripper CD

show 40, up from 18/02/05

Superb new music from Ebola, and Chevron plays tracks from his debut LP Everything’s Exactly The Same and exclusive unreleased Planet Mu goodies.

The Soft Pink Truth Do they owe us a living? Soundslike Do you want new wave or do you want? CD
Alan Tit Mash Wind and Piss International Dubplate Mafia Records CD Oval Eggsperiments
Psapp Leaving in Coffins Tiger, my friend ArableCD
Ebola Ghetto Twat untitled CDR 
Shitmat Death to the Killer Condoms heres my card records uk tiny CD 

Chevron selection

Exile Slime Planet Mu
Luke Vibert Dirty Fucker Planet Mu Lovers Acid
0=0 Awake Planet Mu
Last Step You’re a nice girl Planet Mu CD 
Boycie Money SE15 CD
Chevron Running out of time Planet Mu CD Everything’s exactly the same
Chevron Kingdom Planet Mu CD Everything’s exactly the same
Chevron Polyphonic Ringtone Planet Mu CD Everything’s exactly the same
Chevron Emails and Viruses Planet Mu CD Everything’s exactly the same

Xenakis Medea Candide LP
Kode 9 (featuring Daddy Gee) Sign of the Times Hyperdub 10”

show 39, up from 04/02/05

Flying solo again this week, Christopherofferus plays new music an excert from nwodtleM’s set at Spirit of Gravity from December, beautiful Bovaflux, new Bola and Osterdok and loads of dubby grimey moody filth!

Animal Collective Loaf House Fat Cat Sung Tongs CD
Afx Bwoon Dub Rephlex Analord Vol2 12” 
Schneider TM vs Kpt Michi Gan The Light 3000 -There’s a Light that Never Goes Out remixed Rough Trade Electronic 01 CD comp 
Oosterdok Bobs Last Day Brown House Records Some Day We Will Part Forever CD
Fresh Floodlight Dogs On Acid Floodlight 12” 
Vex’d Lion Subtext Lion 12”
Slaughter Mob Black Hole Rephlex Grime comp LP
D1 Crack Bong Tempa Tempa. Allstars Vol 2
Digital Mystiks Awake Rephlex Grime2 comp LP 
Kode 9 Sub-Kontinent Rephlex Grime2 comp LP 
nwodtleM Live at Spirit of Gravity in December CDR 
Bovaflux untitled CDR 
Bola Effinajor Skam Gnayse CD

show 38, up from 21/01/05

Chris is well chuffed to welcome in Guy C Appleton aka DJ Floorclearer (Wrong Music) aka Black Rabbit (Holiphonic) playing his own tunes and some tracks that influenced him. Also excert of exclusive live recording of Kutchi and kAoSlOcK from Spirit of Gravity in December (the full recordings will be in the TR members area). Also new music from Mudboy, Ed Chamberlain, Shitmat ,Littl Shyning Man and Calika.

Ed Chamberlain Zarathustra Base Logic Medicine Gun 12” EP 
Team Shadatek mixing Ghostface Killa and Autechre Violent Turd WSHT Radio Mix CD
Kutchi Live at Spirit of Gravity in December 2004 CDR

Interview with Guy C Appleton aka DJ Floorclearer (Wrong Music) / Black Rabbit (Holiphonic)

Napalm Death Maggots In Your Coffin Earache Leaders Not Followers CD 
DJ Floorclearer Coprophillliac Snail Party Hardcore Wrong Music unreleased 
DJ Floorclearer National Make Fun Of The Handicapped Week Wrong Music unreleased 
Dolon Novgorod Holiphonic unreleased 
Dolon untitled Holiphonic unreleased 
DJ Floorclearer Mosh Core Is So Over Wrong Music unreleased 
DJ Floorclearer untitled Wrong Music Unreleased

Shitmat Super Intelligent Monster Trnvestites Invading Your Personal Space heres my card records uk Cyber Castle Of the Virgin Zombie Time Barbarians CD 
Calika 5/4 Swan Song Audiobulb Forthcoming CD 
Littl Shyning Man Hart Brake Sonic 360 Hart of the Wud 
Mudboy untitled CDR 
KAoSloCk Live at Spirit of Gravity in December 2004 (excert) – CDR

show 37, up from 06/01/05

Nick and Chris begin the new year with some classic afx, new Dead Texan, exclusive Same Actor remix of Bela Emerson and an excert from Elmaes’ debut live performance at Club Quiet

A fx untitled 2 remixes by Afx (Men)
Roger Davy Syncope Mind Luke Viberts Further Nuggets LP Lo Recordings
Johnny Hawksworth Harp Beat Luke Viberts Further Nuggets LP Lo Recordings
Dred Bass Dred Dred Bass Moving Shadow
Team Doyobi Chouax Bomber Skam Choose your Own Adventure LP 
Bela vs Same Actor untitled CDR 
Malevich (Featuring Better Than The Originals) Do They Know Its Christmas (Like Fuck They Do) Spirit of Gravity Volume 5 CDR
Elmaes Live at Club Quiet 24/11/04 CDR 
The Dead Texan Track 11 The Dead Texan CD Kranky 
Niobe Ghoasts Wharf Quartet Voodooluba LP Sonig
Kyler Lovejoy White Osafa Comfort CDR 
Madvilliain All Caps ‘Madvillian LP ’Stones Throw 
Viktor Vaughn Let Me Watch Vaudeville Villain LP Sound Ink
Rashamon Mates to Some Pilgrim (Fisk mix) CDR

show 36, up from 24/12/04

Chris is in on his own n his own playing experimental Christmas music and exclusive live recording of Henry Collins and Jim Black, and Muta, and unreleased Shitmat vs Minimal Impact

Faoi Turkeys Strike Back Spirit of Gravity Vol 5 Xmas CDR
Donna Summer So This is Xmas XMASH01 International Dubplate Mafia Records 
Onemancrimewave vs oort Paradox Jingle Hell Spirit of Gravity Vol 5 Xmas CDR
Hatebeak Beak of Putrefaction Beak of Putrefaction 7” Reptilian Records
Skunks Th- This is not a test Th- This is not a test Nost8ment
Minimal Impact vs Shitmat Unreleased track Minimal Impact bits CDR Solad 065 
Henry Collins and Jim Black Excert Live at Club Quiet Club Quiet 24/11/04 CDR 
Bovaflux Red Sector Red Sector CD d-tached 
Muta Excert Live at Club Quiet 24/11/04 Club Quiet 24/11/04 CDR 
Pidgin 2 Xmas 4 U XMASH01 International Dubplate Mafia Records