Second Spirit of Gravity online streaming event: Thursday 1st April 8.00 pm

Our second online event featured in no particular order Ensemble 1, The Zero Map and Cutlasses: home-made kit, drones & interwoven intricacies from the Brighton and Hove area.

Cutlasses is the solo project of maker and musician, Scott Pitkethly. A sound art project which seeks to integrate the process of creating music with the process of making the sound creation tools themselves. The compositions combine field recordings, recorded from various sites around the British Isles, which are heavily manipulated using DIY electronic controllers and effects he has designed and built himself, accompanied by live guitar drones and melodies. Taking cues from the world of sound art and horror film soundtracks but always trying to apply pop sensibilities, the result is lush and cinematic soundscapes topped with delicate melody. :

The Zero Map is Chloe Wallace and Karl M V Waugh … (blah blah) … Brighton …. Since 2008 … (blah blah) … psychedelic ambient noise … (blah blah) … released albums on Apollolaan, Sonic Oyster, Infinite Exchange, Ikuisuus, Golden Lab, Different Lands, Armed Within Movement, Tor Press, RHP and Sheepscar Light Industrial … (blah blah) … frequently with video installations … (blah blah) … Supernormal / Splitting The Atom (s) / The Spirit Of Gravity / & around the U.K. … (blah blah) … other bands they’re in include: Thee Hairee Kuntz, The Larsens, Eye-eN T T, God’s Teeth and the Interstellar Tropics, Binnsclagg, The Emperors Of Ice Cream, The A Band (wherein they have both played extensively) … (blah blah) … facebook around the internet and

Ensemble 1: Solo home performance vid of ‘Submerged Harmonics’ for electric bass and delay, a long-form work utilising high feedback delay loops over three broad sections consisting of variations on tone frequency, technique, process and rhythmic counterpoint, FFO Steve Reich, Eliane Radigue, John Luther Adams, Live Minimal/Electronic/Instrumental.