Another Elmaes mix

Sorry to drag you back to the subject of Elmaes, but here’s my remix of their Numerology track – is there a collection beginning to develop??


The pic is taken by Ta of Elmaes, so continues the theme, but who is the shadowy figure??

Tony Rimbaud


Capslock Live

A recording of Capslock live at the Marborough Theatre on 22nd November 2005 is available from here.


The Editor

DJ Sediment has been busy editing together bits of his favourite tracks for the last year.
Look on it as an early Christmas present.



A bit of a shine

The seagull picture was taken by a friend and collaborator Ta King, she has shedloads of photographs on the web (here are some). Anyway, the picture doesn’t mean anything apart from that I don’t have one of Waxed Apple, who the remains of this post are about.

I went to see Waxed Apple do their Brighton Live set last night at the Sussex Arts Club. Fortunatly a lot better than the Free Butt ep launch. It was nice and loud and clear, and even if people were sitting around at the front, it was still a geat show.

After experienceing the inside of a fridge chic of the Sanctuary refit, I was a bit peturbed at what may have been done during the recent renovations to the Arts Club, but fortunately its basically just a lick of paint, and a slight change in the colour scheme.

Anyway to celebrate the new Waxed Apple 5 track ep here is the last track, “Monkeys”, not just chosen because there is a chime sampled from an Elmaes session. Honest.





Not really something the Spirit of Gravity is known for I suppose, but we like the German Rock as much as the next man. Maybe even more. Anyway, here is a tribute to Can, Neu and the rest from the September 2005 Spirit of Gravity.


Steve from Minimal Impact teamed up with Tony from Malevich to perform a Krautrock version of the Minimal Impact Planets Suite.

Steve provides the space noises and guitar, Tony the bass and drum parts, this is the first 6 minutes of the performance, it carries on building from here.


New music

This is Calebs version of a track Elmaes has done for WM Recordings to go onto a compilation “Numerology” due very soon.
WM Recordings is the label spawned by the wonderful Weirdo Music, based in Holland they make original cd’s available on line, you download a set of mp3’s and a cover, burn the mp3’s to cd and print the cover, and Bob’s your uncle.


let me know if it works!