Third Spirit of Gravity online streaming event: May 2021

Featuring: Ascsoms / child / Not By Radium

Ascsoms: “For this Spirit of Gravity stream I revisited my Isolation Reels project which I started during the first lockdown. I make a tape-loop measuring 2 meters in length, the ‘social distancing’ measurement. This loop forms the bedrock from which all sounds are sourced and manipulated. Then the audio effects and signal processing are introduced into the system, acting like a virus, mutating the sound for nineteen minutes. This performance features three tape-loops, one for each lockdown, played simultaneously on both Akia reel-to-reel tape machines and was recorded in one take.”
Instagram & FaceBook @ascsoms

A live set by child: Two synths and a voice embark on a journey through the Clouds and Big Sky portals.

A piece by Spirit of Gravity co-founder Tony Rimbaud’s long-form project Not By Radium – featuring flute and saxophone samples provided by Chris “Noteherder” Parfitt, with images inspired by a pessimism concerning the state of the natural world.