Thursday 2nd December at the Rossi Bar: Xylitol / Andrew Greaves / Dolly Rae Star

Xylitol: gutter kosmische
Andrew Greaves: album launch show – found recordings, Casio improvisations, layers analogue sequencer patterns.
Dolly Rae Star: Sound, Poetry & Magic
Ingrid Plum is unfortunately unable to appear

Xylitol: gutter Kosmische from East Sussex

Andrew Greaves is a Brighton based musician and artist, who combines intense combo organ improvisations within minimalist and sound art contexts. A member of the Spirit of Gravity collective, Andrew has performed live film soundtracks with Broken Star and collaborated with the massed fuzz organs of Himmel and the Indian master musician Deobrat Mishra.
Andrew has performed text based scores as member of the New Interpretations Orchestra and contributed to large ensemble performances of Terry Riley’s In C and works by John Cage. His previous Spirit of Gravity releases included 2 “Octabeast” albums; featuring modal organ improvisations within minimalist compositional forms. His “Entartete” and “Halftone” releases, combined Indian and Ethiopian scales with sound collages built from a collection of found, home recorded, cassette recordings.
During lockdown, Andrew has focussed on studio composition and sound art for film, as well as 2 new releases for the Spirit of Gravity label. The first of these albums “Works From Home”, includes passages of analogue sequencer work and simple improvised melodies; recalling both Suzanne Ciani and Roedelius.
With this performance (his first in almost 2 years), Andrew launches his latest release “Works from Home 2: Rhizomes”. Here, each piece utilises  archive cassette recordings of his father (Frank). An operatic tenor singer; he was recorded mostly in unaccompanied rehearsal. Starting from these primitive artifacts, Andrew has built entirely new pieces, utilising the existing tonal and harmonic content as a basis new contexts.
Andrew plays a Casiotone MT400V mini keyboard, Electribe ER1 & EA1 groove boxes, Korg Monologue synthesiser and a Boss RC-202 Loop Station.

Dolly Rae Starcore plays in sound, poetry, and magic. Movement, play and transcendence.
Let’s dance!
Dolly plays percussion and electronics in God’s Teeth and the Interstellar Tropics and the Beam Eye Babies and holds gong bath sound adventures. Over 2020/21 they held these in local parks, embracing the beauty of ambient sounds (and positioning away from angle grinders).
Their book Play Stance, came out on Polyversity Press this year.
A poem of theirs was once described as “a bold anthem” in The New Statesman (wtf). Their book / sound piece Quest)ion) is out soon on Veer after five years of live ritual exploration and international collaboration.
They also perform as drag king act Will Helm Rightly, who recently graced the Cockpit stage at Journey to Nutopia’s night on Wilhelm Reich.

Thursday 2nd December 2021 | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
Downstairs @ The Rossi Bar
8 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA