The Collective

The Spirit of Gravity is run by a collective of artists, who organise all of the events and publicity, run the netlabel, and appear at events on a regular basis:

Geoff Reader: Life President / main contact
AKA: DJ Cheesemaster
Member of: Noteherder & McCloud / The Four Heads / Idiot Drone Farm / Thee Bald Knobbers
Audio available at:

Dan Powell: Netlabel supremo
AKA: onemancrimewave
Member of: Nil / The Static Memories / Haz ‘n’ Daz
Audio available at:

Tony Rimbaud: Founder / website and mailing list manager
AKA: I’m Dr Buoyant / Not By Radium
Member of: I’m Dr Bouyant & Ron Caines / TR Agency / This Sound Bureaucracy
Audio available at:

Andrew Greaves: Graphic designer
AKA: Official Licensed Product
Member of: Broken Star / TR Agency

Steve Gillitt: Electrocreche manager (retired)
AKA: minimal impact
Member of: Idiot Drone Farm

Howard Spencer: Press relations
AKA: Pour.
Member of: Sold / Birds of Death Valley / Haz ‘n’ Daz

Chris MidiError: Electrocreche / visual artist
AKA: MidiError / Gun Boiler
Audio available at:

Tom Way: Technical support
AKA: Ensemble1
Audio available at:

Nick Rilke: Founder / Associate member
AKA: Needle Exchange / Hope to Coax
Member of: TR Agency / This Sound Bureaucracy

Associate members:
Bartosz Dyslewski: _minimalVector / Supercell
Caleb Madden: Supercell / June Deer / Antivoid Alliance
Chris Cook, Honorary Life President: Same Actor / Hot Roddy
Derek Thompson: Komuso / Fallow
Henry Collins: Shitmat