Noteherder & McCloud: Laurie’s Revenge

The latest release on the Spirit of Gravity net label is a very limited lathe cut from Noteherder & McCloud, hand numbered in clear vinyl, titled “Laurie’s Revenge”.

Says Geoff Cheesemaster about their latest offering:
“We took the opportunity under lockdown to try a new way of recording, well new for us anyway. For years we’ve only ever played and recorded “live” whereas this gave us an opportunity to work more as other folk do, recording multiple parts, multi-tracking and generally doing more than we could attempt in a live situation.
“We were very pleased with the results and so asked Spheress to remix the track in his own inimitable style. When we got that back, we felt that a limited 10″ release was the least we could do.
“This release is our tip of the hat to Laurie Johnson.”

Order your free download and very limited lathe cut through the Spirit of Gravity BandCamp label now at

Next radio broadcast on ResonanceExtra FM: Sunday 24th October – 8.00 to 10.00pm

Gravity Waves and the Spirit World

Sunday 24th October 2021 from 8.00 to 10.00pm on ResonanceExtra FM, DAB radio or online at

Details to be confirmed

The August edition of the Spirit of Gravity Radio show is available on the ResonanceFM Mixcloud page:
This month’s show features music from our recently re-issued compilations available via BandCamp, then in the second hour some field recordings from Simon James, and other music from the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity including Cutlasses, Melancholic Robot Tantrum and Dan Powell.

Thursday 4th November at the Rossi Bar: Emma Papper / FROST/ Territorial Gobbing

Emma Papper: ambient electronics & improvised clarinet and EWI 5000
FROST: solo drum activated electronics
Territorial Gobbing: cut-up electronic noise & object improv performance art

Emma Papper is a Brighton musician – part of David Bramwell’s Oddfellows Casino (folky electronica) for 20 years and the Brighton Film Quartet (contemporary cinematic music) for 9 years.  Over the last 3 years I have got into composing electronic music using an EWI 5000 (electronic wind synthesizer) / Reason combination and to date have produced 2 solo and 2 collaborative albums (‘Sounds in Space’, ‘Deeper Sounds in Space’, ‘Long Distance Dreams’ and ‘Day Trip to Europa’  My live solo set is me playing mainly improvised clarinet / EWI 5000  over my electronic compositions.

FROST is a drummer who plays as a soloist with an acoustic kit triggering sounds and loops from a sample pad.
Current project, Perm Octo Clavè Induction Set is a body of 10 songs centred on a binary rhythmic framework, encompassing 10 songs released as five separate records throughout 2021. Each song explores a unique iteration of a rhythmic motif, with acoustic instrumentation in dialogue with sequenced electronics. There are reoccurring themes of minimalism, leftfield techno and post rock, underpinned by the ideology of networked beats.
Not to be confused with Fröst.

Territorial Gobbing – high speed clutter, vocal garbage and tape abuse shooting for sound-art and settling for much less.

Thursday 4th November 2021 | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
Downstairs @ The Rossi Bar
8 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA