Hall of Fame

“Sonus est falsa, imagine gravitatem, spiritus est”
“Gravity is delusion, sound is illusion, spirit is all”

To mark the 20th Anniversary of Brighton’s foremost experimental electronics collective in 2021, we are pleased to announce the foundation of The Spirit of Gravity Hall of Fame.
The Hall of Fame is established to honour musicians – who have played at The Spirit of Gravity – for their contribution to the field of experimental electronic music.

Chris Cook


Our second inductee Chris Cook was a member of the SoG Collective from its inception, appearing solo over the years as either Hot Roddy or Same Actor, or collaborating with other artists under his own name. He is one of our more talented instrumentalists, playing instruments not routinely found at electronic music nights such as the sitar, has always been endlessly creative, and is generally a thoroughly nice bloke. In 2006 he was made Life President for his services to the Gravity over the years, including receiving the honorary Spirit of Gravity boxer shorts, and although he has since moved to France, he still contributes faithfully to the Collective when he can.

Chris’ first gig at the Gravity was in April 2002, and from the start he used a range of instruments including sitar, acoustic guitar and zither to create both beat-driven performances and more abstract constructions using Max/MSP, using his various monickers Remote, Hot Roddy and Same Actor. His use of the sitar was his main USP, and he trained with Deobrat Mishra from Varanasi in Utter Pradesh, making him a genuine practitioner of the instrument.

Chris took over booking duties for most of what may be called the Free Butt years, and was instrumental in the first stages of focussing the nature of the music presented from its rather free-for-all beginnings. Booking higher profile acts such as Si-Cut.db, Iris Garrelfs and an early solo set from Metronomy, he increased the reputation of the Spirit of Gravity as we moved around venues in Brighton, as well as appearing in person 19 times across the years, on his own or in collaboration with others.

For my own part, I am most grateful to Chris for giving me a better understanding of the nature of the process of improvisation. In August 2004 Chris collaborated with Malevich at the Albert, creating three spontaneous pieces during the evening. His concentration on listening and leaving space as much as making sounds was a revelation at the time, and has allowed me to work more effectively with other collaborators since.

Nice one, Chris

Tony Rimbaud 2021

Steve “minimal impact” Gillitt


Our first inductee was a collective member who has been with us almost from the start, and quickly established himself as the purist heart of everything great about what we have since achieved.

He is known for his warmth, humour and enthusiasm and is always a welcome presence at a Spirit of Gravity night, whether as an audience member, the main man behind the electro-crèche or as a unique performer who has taken to our stages at least 30 times in his collective career.

Steve Gillitt, known to the world as minimal impact, is to sound what the ground is to our feet: fundamental, sometimes painful, always needed and never far away.

Whether as minimal impact or as Harmonium A Hash Table, Les Dins and Idiot Drone Farm, or with numerous collaborations, his sheer love of sound and noise has engulfed and vibrated its way into our hearts (and through all other internal organs) since his first Gravity show in September 2001; shaking every venue to its core with alacrity and a don’t-give-a-fuck attitude towards every noise controller that has had the pleasure to monitor his art.

Our classic minimal impact moment was at an Albert gig in May 2005 (we think) when the venue complained about the volume which was loosening the pointing in the brick work. Wrong move: He turned it up. With Steve at his best, there is no 11on an amp. That would imply you can turn the dial down.

But let us never forget, his project is about intense concentration, honing sound to a perfection we never knew existed or needed. It is this purity that to some has created one of experimental electronic music’s most focused discographies.

With his ready support to new collective members and open attitude to sharing detail of his tech, creative processes and influences, Steve is everything we hope The Spirit of Gravity has been for musicians throughout our 20 years.

Therefore we are proud to make Steve the first inductee into our Hall of Fame. John Cage once said that “In the dark, all cats are black.” In the world of sound minimal impact makes cats of us all.

Welcome Steve!

Nick Rilke, on behalf of the Spirit of Gravity Hall of Fame Committee