Electrocreche Vol1.

Join in and become one of the stars on the elektrocreche compilation being recorded at every Spirit of Gravity gig. You too could be on a compilation with Henry Shitmat, Shige Scotch Egg, Tony Rimbaud, DJ Cheesemaster, Monster Bobby, Dan Powell, Chris Cook, Tim Exile, Gillian Alder, Caleb ….coool. 

Volume 1 contains 27 tracks recorded at the Spirit Of Gravity from October 2008 to March 2010.

Some sound groovy, some sound noisy, you choose…..something for all the family.

the spirit of gravity live sets on

Spirit of Gravity on 22/11/2007
Sets by Same Actor, the Safehouse Wildcard Ensemble and Dan Powell. 
All recorded live at the Three and Ten, Brighton.

Spirit of Gravity on 23/11/2006
Showcase at Wrong Music, The Volks, Brighton, 23rd November 2006. 
Featuring Spirit of Gravity Quartet, Casio Headbutt and minimal impact.

Spirit Of Gravity on WM Recordings.

WM088: Noteherder & McCloud – The Tail
Noteherder and McCloud are a duo based in Brighton, UK. This project was an attempt to fuse two strands of the local experimental music scene, and is based around live performance.

WM063: Various Artists – Mystic Moods.
I’m Dr Buoyant track on Mystic Moods compilation.

WM060: ElMaes – Geburah! Variations on the number 5
ElMaes is Chris Cook (Hot Roddy), Caleb Madden, Marcus Laffan (McDermott’s 2 hours), McCloud and Ta King.
Remixes by Rimbaud, Hot Roddy, McCloud, Caleb, Cookie and minimal impact.
Original version on WM020: Various Artists – Numerology

Spirit Of Gravity related downloads.
Loads of audio and video available here.

Capslock Live – Marlborough Theatre 22/11/05. 
KaosLock Live – FreeButt 15/12/04. 
Shitmat – Radio One Keeping it Peel.
Spirit Of Gravity – Radio 3 Mixing It 17/06/05. 
mi vs hot roddy Lift3 (unreleased remix) Feb 2006.
A remix of hot roddys lift sounds. Unofficial so far.
Hot Roddy and minimal impact – SuperSonic Birmingham 21/7/06.
CasioHeadbutt – FutureSonic Manchester 22/7/06.
Monster Bobby talks about Spirit Of Gravity on the Hew Stephens Radio One show on 30/11/2006.
minimal impact – National Noise Day Brighton Volks 31/5/07.
Video National Noise Day Hobgoblin 31/5/07.
Video minimal impact vs Terror Wogan vs Sir Loin Deon – Spirit Of Gravity 28/5/07.
Video Terror Wogan vs Sir Loin Deon – Wrong Music Nov 2006.
+ loads more.

hicc Organisation – Childrens Album
The ace Hot Roddy has a track, White Magnum on this album. Available here.

the spirit of gravity on Wrong-Lab.

Dan Powell – Worse than Bite
Brighton’s Dan Powell featured on the first Wrong Music Cd Compilation ‘Whatever!’ Using a laptop he has built up original techniques to post process sounds, be it from live instruments or sound objects. This Release see’s him exploring sonic territories that are ambiguous yet enticing. These 7 tracks are a experimental omelette of foundsound, improv and electronics Download Mp3 zip (52mb)

DJ Cheesemaster – Tribute to NND
One hour and 15 minutes of cheesemaster majik! featuring diverse influences from around the globe. From the gutteral and bizzare to confusing head funk and hardcore. This mix truly is an adventure through some of geof’s best vinyl finds.

the spirit of gravity on Hicc Records.

DIH and friends @ Christmas 2007 HICC22
Tracks by Hot Roddy, minimal impact and Noteherder & McCloud.

DIH and friends @ Christmas 2006 HEMP031
Tracks by Same Actor and minimal impact.

Minimal Impact V.S. M.A.N. – Narnia (Full length Mix) HEMP032
This is a full length 60 minute remix from Brighton based Minimal Impact of the M.A.N. track ‘Narnia’ which was orginally featured on the second self titled M.A.N. album.

Wrong Music Live Sets Archive has these sets available.

minimal impact @ the wrong xmas party 2007, The volks, Brighton 
The warm up act to ed tudor pole on this night .. ace noise.
Photos here and here.
minimal impact live @ Overkill I, London 2005
This is a live recording of “the Noisiest guy i know” (henry Shitmat) at overkill I, 2005. He opened up the event with a set of raw “F**K OFF AND DIE YOU WIMP” style music.
Casio Headbutt live @ The Futuresonic Festival, Manchester, 2006
Recorded  live at a pub in manchester, not that different to the queen vic in eastenders, at the wrong showcase at future sonic festival 2006. small, boiling hot and very loud as i remember. Great set to checkout!
Hot Roddy live @ Wrong Music’s 3rd birthday Party, The Volks, Brighton, 2005
Sitar weiding Hot Roddy performs live at Wrong’s 3rd birthday party, recorded by Shitola ltd. I cant actualy remebr this set as i am usualy intoxacted to the point of memory loss. I was glad to get copies of all the sets form this event from steve beca=ause of this! .. enjoy the fast fingered musican playign yet another set full of skilled beats and eastern melodies.

the comet project – dan powell
catalogue number: Hippocamp hc178 tracks: 20

the spirit of gravity on mixing it part 2 (4.37 Mb)

Just over a year on from the last appearance on Radio 3’s Friday night experimental music show Mixing It, a track from the Shitmat re-mix CD gets an airing on 1st September 2006, with Dan’s track Ketamine Cauliflower (Broccolli dub mix) by the notorious c.h.a.v. being selected. No mention of the SoG Collective unfortunately – we’re just “a bunch of remixers”.

the spirit of gravity on mixing it (5.15 Mb)

The Spirit of Gravity gets a name check on Radio 3’s Friday night experimental music show Mixing It on 17th June 2005. The track played is Shitmat’s “The Rise and Fall of Billy Bunter Part 4”, taken from an SoG promotional CD – accompanied by some typical Mixing It banter.

rashamon alone before our time(3.4 Mb) 

stones in the decay (4.5 Mb)

New tracks from Rashamon, complementing a further 10 new tracks that make up the provisional new album

minimal impact irishfolkmusicremix (0.6 Mb)

A new minimal impact track, just for fun, Irish Folk Music remix – for Tab

malevich the hyphen and my name (part 3) (2.50 Mb) 

the hyphen and my name (part 4) (2.65 Mb)

Following on from their two tracks on the Spirit of Gravity compilation Vol. 4, two more extracts from Malevich’s set recorded live at the Albert in February 2004, from the improvised piece “THe Hyphen and My Name”.

rashamon guitars of denial (3.09 Mb)

Lee Hume aka Rashamon was the first ever person to get interviewed on our Totally Radio show. He played and discussed tracks that he liked and submitted a half hour Rashamon mix for the members’ area. If you need more to indicate what the new Rashamon EP coming out in 2004 on High Point Low Life Records will sound like, here’s an mp3. In case you’re wondering, the samples are from an obscure Sebadoh spoken word B side. Much oblidged Mr Hume.

multiplex space v.02 (3.5 Mb) 

macao (4.4 Mb)

Recorded live at their Spirit of Gravity set on August 26th, two of about four new tracks that got an airing that night. The whole set is going to be made available to paying members of Totally Radio. Nick Rilke has aptly descibed their equipment set up for the gig: “Performing on the stage floor, the brothers are surrounded by all sorts of weird and wonderful electronic gadgetry ranging from laptop to vintage synth, vocoder, mini-samplers , kaoss pad and not forgetting the BIG-dildo shaped voice transformer!”

minimal impact spirit of gravity (edit) (2.49 Mb)

Especially for the this site, Steve MInimal Impact has done us a nice edit of his legendary tribute to the collective. It’s constructed around immensely distorted samples of tracks by all the SoG members The original epic 15 minute version can be experienced if you play track 7 on the most recent Spirit of Gravity compilation CD as loud as possible. Here is a compressed taster of the man who Shitmat has previously described as “Brighton’s Merzbow” and “the noisiest fuck I know”.

“The brilliantly misnamed Minimal Impact bring the whole festive jamboree to a conclusion with a particularly uncomfortable 15 minute assault on the senses which certainly sorts the men from the boys”. (Abi Rhodes -CCNEWZ)

waxed apple piano tune (3.78 Mb)

 someone told me (2.55 Mb)

Alright stop. Apple time. At long last we have some mp3s from an act that have rocked Spir tof Gravity nights more times than probably anyone else. And even when they’re not playing on stage you’ll find Caleb pionereeing away on the Electrocreche. The W ,The A, The X The E The D….. (Now lads, where’s that electro tune?)

hot roddy ramshaw comin out for a smoke? (3.46 Mb)

malevich untitled part 1 (5.21 Mb)

 untitled part 2 (5.15 Mb)

Recorded back in February at Club Quiet in the Marlborough Theatre here’s two slices of live noisey atmospherics from Spirit of Grav founders Rilke and Rimbaud. I remember that Sunday night was busy for Tony who also played with Henry’s LINEIN project and Minimal Impact as well as this formiddableMalevich onslaught.

rashamon fanfare.ogg (8.51 Mb)

Rashamon‘s live show on Tuesday 25th March at a SoG night at the Freebutt won them enough new friends to ensure that copies of their new Patchy Cop EP had sold out by the end of the evening. The addition of a bass player on stage to the familiar Rashamon line up of Lee’s laptop and Seb’s bass gave the sound a good boost. It also contrasted well with the more electronic sound of Mr Hume’s studio creations. Fanfare rounds off Patchy Cop in a way that sounds particularly good on sunny afternoons, but it’s well worth taking the time to download whatever the weather.

kyler scale isofaique.mp3 (4.82 Mb)

maddam husane boards of iraq.ogg (5.35 Mb)

A couple of ace Kyler tunes.

hot roddy ramshaw war on bongos.mp3 (2.74 Mb)

Here’s a nice not so mellow hot roddy tune built around recordings made at the big anti war demo in London in February. Amongst the frantic gabba speed snares, cries can be heard protesting about the hypocrisy and inconsistency of certain world leaders. One protester at the march was wearing a banner that said WAR ON BONGOS NOT IRAQ, providing the inspiration for this silly hardcore tune.