New release on the Spirit of Gravity netlabel: Washing Up Time

The Spirit of Gravity is continuing to pump out strange, unusual and inspired sounds via netlabel releases.

Washing Up Time is a 36-track compilation curated by Nil By Nose.

During the first lockdown, looking for ways to make a difference to the days, Nil By Nose started to livestream himself doing the washing up.
‘To keep things interesting for myself ’, he avers, ‘ I started to run the sound of the washing up though a Gechologic Loopsynth while I streamed. As I listened I noticed that the looping created interesting rhythms and textures.’

This prompted the idea of a collaborative project, using his audio as a base. The result is 36 astonishingly varied tracks – by some people who we know, and some who we
don’t – that will take you to some far-flung shores of electronica and experimentalia.

Stream and download the EP here on a pay-as-you-will basis: