Next radio broadcast on ResonanceExtra FM: Thursday 23rd March 8.00 to 10.00pm

Gravity Waves and the Spirit World

The next edition of the Spirit of Gravity radio show will be broadcast on Thursday 23rd March from 8.00 to 10.00pm on ResonanceExtra FM.

Gravity Waves

In the first hour of the show we have artists featured at the Sonic Rebellion Now event at 2 Temple Place in March 2017. Audrey Chen (with Phil Minton), Daniel W J Mackenzie and Eva Justka.

The Spirit World

In the second half we have tracks by :
Mark Saunders & Suzueri – Got the Chills (from 10th Sep 2011 @ enban)
McCloud – Lunch II (from Experiments with Teenage Synths)
Hugs Bison – Cogs in a machine (from Remote)
Fane – Concertina Counterpoint-Moss Force
387 – 14:06 (from Paranoiz)
Nil by Nose – Thinking Bread
Kris T Reeder – All out nuclear war (from Utopian Dream)
Spheress – Bittersweet
Keith Seatman – Please wait here (from Boxes Windows & Secret Hidey–Holes)

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