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Spirit of Gravity live gigs have unfortunately been cancelled for the foreseeable future, due to the closing of the Rossi Bar in line with government COVID-19 guidance. However, we are releasing new material via the Spirit of Gravity netlabel each month in lieu of live events, and the radio show will continue on the 4th Sunday of each month.

In the meantime, as The Rossi Bar, our current venue, is on the #SaveOurVenues Red list, if you’re lucky enough to be in regular work at the moment, please think about contributing to their crowdfunder page:

20th Anniversary release January 2021

The year 2021 marks the twentieth birthday of Spirit of Gravity – our first show was on 17 January 2001 – and to celebrate this anniversary year we’ll be doing some special releases, and hopefully some special events too, later in the year.

The first of release is this re-issue of our first compilation CD, featuring tracks by early members of the collective. Among those featured are Henry ‘Shitmat’ Collins (as Audio Restoration and among the So Whitehawk Crew), Chris ‘Same Actor’ Cook (as Remote), Geoff ‘McCloud’ Cheesemaster and Tony ‘I’m Dr Buoyant’ Malevich’ – also included is a track donated by friend of the Gravity Scanner.

Full track listing:

Scanner – Sound Polaroids
DJ Cheesemaster – Raymond Scott Electronic Audio Logos
Waxed Apple – Thousand bruises
Remote – Gamelan Twelvestep
So Whitehawk Crew – Kestral Tannoy Syndicate
Audio Restoration – Michael Crackson is my Pimp and Producer
Multiplex – Fun With Fractals
Malevich – Feet of Clay
Minimal Impact – Battle Strength

At the time this came out, it took around twenty minutes to download a single track using a dial-up modem. Consider that, as you effortlessly stream or download the album here:

Any money donated for these releases will go to help our current venue, the Rossi Bar:

Next radio broadcast on ResonanceExtra FM: Sunday 24th January – 8.00 to 10.00pm

Gravity Waves and the Spirit World

Sunday 24th January 2021 from 8.00 to 10.00pm on ResonanceExtra FM, DAB radio or online at

Celebrating 20 years of the Spirit of Gravity on the 17th January, including tracks from the re-released 1st CD from May 2002.

Gravity Waves
The Spirit of Gravity Quartet – minimal effort (tribute to minimal impact) / McCloud – Andy (tribute to minimal impact) / Andrew Greaves – Alapanal (tribute to minimal impact) / Multiplex – Fun with Fractals / So Whitehawk Crew (pre Shitmat) – Kestrel Tannoy Syndicate / Remote – Gamelan Twelvestep / Malevich – Feet of Clay / Waxed Apple – Monkeys / minimal impact – Battle Strength

The Spirit World
Distant Animals – Outer Side (excerpt) / Shortghost – Mana Man (Spheress remix) / Mark Churcher – Poi Poi Poi (MA) / Embla Quickbeam – To The Centre / Barker & Baumecker – Cipher  /
Fane – End of Days at Race Hill / Secret Commonwealth – Secret Commonwealth

The December edition of the Spirit of Gravity Radio show is available on the ResonanceFM Mixcloud page:

This month presents an Amass Radiant Heretics mix, featuring Othermen, Jordan McDougall, Stephen Mallinder and more, plus music from the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity, including a track from the recent Cookie release, and contributions from Gagarin, McCloud and Cutlasses.

7th January netlabel release

As we move into 2021 Spirit of Gravity presents – in place of a monthly show – a new release by McCloud, aka the collective’s very own Geoff Cheesemaster. The album is The Stars Unfixed. This is a long form piece lasting just over an hour, originally created for the Amass Radiant Heretics broadcast that went out on 20 December – a streaming event for the winter solstice curated by collective member Caleb Madden.

The long, pseudo-narrative structure was conceived to fit the format, but the slowly evolving, atmospheric, sounds very much demand repeat listens. Minimal rising notes gain weight, and rise almost imperceptibly to a crescendo, evoking a sense of growth and renewal. McCloud made extensive use of his old Casio CZ101 as a sound source, interspersed with flute parts ably provided by his long-term collaborator Chris ‘Noteherder’ Parfitt.

The album is available for streaming or download here:

Also available:

A tribute to one of Spirit of Gravity’s founding fathers, the omnipresent, omniscient, dronemaster extraordinaire minimal impact. Steve recently moved to North Wales where no doubt he will continue to terrify the locals, just as he did in Brighton with his immense supernova-exploding-meets-reverb-uptown vibes.

Steve was for many years the curator of the electrocreche and a man who was never seen in anything but black. His minimal impact sets amply belied his moniker. Vast billows of rumbling noise, the sounds of tectonic plates shearing and tearing – volume used as punishment.

The tracks presented on minimal effort are the responses of members of the Spirit of Gravity collective to minimal impact’s musical universe.

Stream or download at:

Three Parade Reductions by Hardworking Families is a triptych based on a live recording from the Newhaven-Dieppe festival five years ago, using tape recorder and feedback delay to record / document a parade of festival participants from the port of Newhaven up to the hill to the Fort. It’s an impressionistic take on what was a multi-faceted event.
Hardworking Families (Tom Bench) has previously released material on Glistening Examples, Beartown, Eminent Observer and Don’t Drone Alone, as well as various self-releases. ‘It’s all about the textures’, says Tom.
Stream or download at:

Spirit of Gravity also presents two new tracks from Cookie written and recorded to sound like early electronic music emulating sounds of an imagined future. The pieces portray opposing visions of a future from the past: one dystopian, one utopian.
The first track Futures from the Past features predictions from the children of 1966 of a time 50 years in the future.
The second track London Transit presents a rose-tinted view of the technology used to keep London moving in the early 70s

PLUS, 2 new bonus tracks have been added to this release, Futures from the Brass, and Futures from the Brass (instrumental) – so check back in to download these new additions.

Stream or download at:

Any money donated for these releases will go to help our current venue, the Rossi Bar:

Don’t forget the previous lockdown releases available on BandCamp:

Noteherder & McCloud – Clarity of Vision:

TRA 2 – TRA 2:

Cookie – Man-tra EP:

Various artists – Distant Sounds:

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