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New release on the Spirit of Gravity netlabel: Noteherder and I’m Dr Buoyant

The latest release from the Spirit of Gravity, Brighton’s long-shining lodestar of the musical leftfield, is ‘Day’ by Noteherder and I’m Dr Buoyant

Since releasing “The Floating Museum” in February 2021, Noteherder (Chris Parfitt) and I’m Dr Buoyant (Tony Rimbaud) have continued to exchange sound files between Porthcawl and Brighton, the best elements of which will be released across two full-length volumes, ‘Day’ and ‘Night’.

We kick off with Day; more expansive in tone than their previous release, I’m Dr Buoyant uses samples and effects based on Chris’s reed and concrète recordings to create sound beds on which
further improvisations easily sit. The unique musical chemistry, developed over many miles, is well worth worth a listen and a download at:

It may be confidently stated that ‘Night’ will follow ‘Day’, later this year

Next radio broadcast on ResonanceExtra FM: Sunday 28th August – 8.00 to 10.00pm

Gravity Waves and the Spirit World

Sunday 28th August 2022 from 8.00 to 10.00pm on ResonanceExtra FM, DAB radio or online at

Details to follow

The June edition of the Spirit of Gravity Radio show is available on the ResonanceFM Mixcloud page:
This was a repeat of a show from December 2018 featuring the minimal impact release ‘6’ in full, plus tracks from Map 71, Tom Hall, Freedom Frampton and Karl MV Waugh, amongst others.

Thursday 1st September at the Rossi Bar: Ingrid Plum / Yes Indeed / Shit Creek

The Spirit of Gravity Presents:
Ingrid Plum: Voice and synthesis
Yes Indeed: Fuggy, soaring & out of place
Shit Creek: Happy drone, maximalist pop-skronk freakouts

Ingrid Plum‘s new album Corporeality demands that you listen louder. Corporeality draws on the archive of sound poet Lily Greenham, and utilises shimmering sine-tone structures, intensely-grounded field recordings, and the interior of a grand piano to explore spaces amongst the oscillating layers of sound. Plum weaves together elements of voice and synthesis into embodied, intimate compositions that get under your skin and activate an interior landscape of listening.

Yes Indeed are Laurie Tompkins & Otto Willberg. Live, they play keys, bouncy bass and sing over tactile, emotive samples. The music is fuggy and soaring, deliciously out of place. On 2021’s ‘Exorcise’ EP, ratty violin, syrupy bass and foolish voices congealed over a backbone of co(s)mic spinnet and pit percussion. Boomkat rightly dubbed it “proper mad scones”. ‘Rotten Luck’ – a sodden, diaristic epic and YI’s first album proper – is out in September 2022.
Laurie is a composer, helps run the Slip label and has put out CDs on Entr’acte, 33-33 and Hyperdelia this year. Otto is a bassist, plays in groups with Ashley Paul & Charles Hayward and has an LP coming on Upset The Rhythm with his great band Historically Fucked.

Shit Creek are shimmering electronics, gleeful pulsing drone, violin screech and/or chopped-up pop songs. Join psychedelic noisenik Shit Creek on an improvised trip to euphoria town. Probably violin, guitar and some keyboards/pedals in there – it’ll start on a drone and then build

Chris [Symmetrical Forces] creates live visuals for each performance using his own lo-fi footage, dusty VHS tapes and obscure videos from the internet to create futuristic images from the past overlayed with out-of-reach memories and vague fragments of lost visions.

Thursday 1st September 2022 | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5 (cash only)
Downstairs @ The Rossi Bar
8 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA