23rd October at the Green Door Store: Aigon DAAC / Supercell / Nicholas Langley and Hassni Malik

Experimental electronics, rhythms and kosmische improvisations from Brighton and the Outer Limits

SOG Oct 14 poster

Madden / Dylewski – machine rhythms & digital noise in conversation with error-born colour & form

Following on from last year’s epic live AV art installation at Fabrica Gallery and their visuals and installations at Fort Process, the duo will strip things down to a straight audio/visual set up. Expect machine rhythms and digital noise in conversation with error born colour and form.

Aigon DAAC
Analog Digital Acoustic – it’s always DAACest before dawn

Dominic Lash (bass), Dan Bennett (laptop) and Stuart Chalmers (tapes). Melding analogue cassette tapes, acoustic double bass and computer controlled prepared speakers, their improvisations move freely from minimal abstract textures through to dense, highly charged interactions

Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley
‘Indigenous electronic music’, a free improv culture with European kosmische references

Members of Brighton’s infamous experimental unit, Vitamin B12, Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley create purely electronic ambient music, making their synthesisers sing, drone and pulse, taking you on a slow moving and heady journey through gentle pastures of ambience and noise

Thursday 23rd October| 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
@ The Green Door Store

19th November at the Scope
Bobby Barry “Music in Texts” performed by various artists / Named (Dan Powell and Will Miles)

27th November at the Green Door Store
Mai Mai Mai / H.U.M. / Wildfrd records DJs / Cymagic demo