17th June at the Scope: Thomas Stone / Ragamatic / Swarbrooke

The Spirit of Gravity presents the Scope XI

Scope May 15

Thomas Stone
Contrabassoon and activated snare

Thomas Stone makes his music using contrabassoon, bass guitar and percussion with various forms of electronic intervention. Informed by a background in visual fine art, an interest in bass frequencies and musical contexts of drone, ambient and contemporary chamber. With previous projects and collaborations performed at a diverse range of venues including The Serpentine Gallery, Tate Britain and Resonance FM, Thomas’s latest music (2 related pieces entitled Incantation and Transference) is designed for solo performance under the moniker Jecklin.

classic ragas on sitar + electro

Classic Ragas played on the Sitar with electronic backing. After working with Mario Niemuth as a duo (Mexico) on the project Reiner Heidorn now operates Ragamatic as a solo project. This comes with the approval of Life President Chris Cook (Same Actor, Hot Roddy). Short Indian ragas excerpts that /sing/ for electro pieces.

Circuit bent synth seizures

Plus Lissajous figure projections

Wednesday 17th June| 8pm – 10.00pm | Feed the piggy donations on the door please
@ The Coach House, 22 Walpole Rd, Kemptown, Brighton