6th August at the Green Door Store: Gagarin / Kuroneko / Ingrid Plum

GDS August 15

Pluto bound astral explorer

Gagarin has been making music on the edges of the musical galaxy for many years in many guises. Currently he works alone crafting atmospheric digital soundscapes, sculpting future grooves and polishing aching melodies. He plays out live – an exciting mix of software precision and human frailty / spontaneity that’s never the same twice.
Early adventures in cult Manchester band Ludus were followed by a sustained period playing and co-writing with the legendary Nico of the Velvet Underground. He’s since recorded and collaborated with John Cale, Suns of Arqa, Eric Random, David Thomas & Pere Ubu, Bill Pritchard, Cabar​et Voltaire.

New CD “aoticp” out now.

Dark ambient creepy noise

Post ritual drone Quartet making dark ambient creepy noise.

Ingrid Plum
Vocalese with electrical extremities

Ingrid Plum uses her voice with extended technique, improvisation, field recordings and electronics, to create layered soundscapes, spoken word and songs. Having performed and exhibited installation sound and visual art since 2002, she creates work that sits between sound art, improvisation, multi-media installation, neo classical and contemporary Nordic folk music.

Thursday 6th August | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
@ The Green Door Store
Undercroft, Brighton Train Station, BN1 4FQ Brighton


Wednesday 12th August at the Scope: Gus Garside & Annie Kerr / Beam Splitter / Dan and Andrew play ‘A Piece about In C’