10th February at the Green Door Store: Jeff Stonehouse / Swarbrooke / Elena Sedai

Weirdo electronics and ecstatic experimentalism​

Jeff Stonehouse
Liminal Guitar and electronics

Jeff Stonehouse was one half of the ambient/drone project called Listening Mirror. The Listening Mirror project was terminated in February 2013.
Jeff then explored different sonic landscapes. Traveling with him was Alicia Merz, who also releases amazing intimate and heartbreaking music as ‘birds of passage’. Together they inhabited and explored the dream-scape that they called ‘Snoqualmie Falls’ A place of dark and spectral beauty that they hoped was reflected in the music they produced together.
The Snoqualmie Falls project is currently undergoing a hiatus, to allow Jeff and Alicia to focus on other projects.
Jeff is also working with Sanja Vernacki, who also records as her solo project Lebdi, and is a member of the band MESTA. Sanja is also a very gifted tattoo artist.

Home-made electronics with a soupcon of noise.

Harvey builds small boxes and makes noise, he’s also a member of alarming Brighton based No-input mixing desk duo Fedschtck.

Elena Sedai
Micro Infinity: a visual score

“Micro Infinity, a visual score by Elena Sedai, based on video shot entirely from her window as a voyeuristic/int​erpretive type of situation concerning her neighbours and passer-by-ers. Performed by a small group of musicians, with one other piece”

WEDNESDAY 10th February | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
@ The Green Door Store
Undercroft, Brighton Train Station, BN1 4FQ Brighton