1st September at the Green Door Store: Benjamin Finger / Map71 / Wild Anima / Henry Collins

The Spirit of Gravity have got together with Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records (bluetapes.co.uk/) for this special one off show in September, that should set you up nicely for Fort Process (fortprocess.co.uk/)

Benjamin Finger
Norwegian Fever Dream; Gorgeous and Fiery

Norwegian composer Benjamin Finger has released 10 full-length LPs since 2009 that have taken in a wide variety of musics, from delicate ambient to modern classical, free jazz and techno – sometimes even within the space of one piece!

His Amorosa Sensitiva LP for Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records was described by The Ransom Note as “a gleaming reverie, slightly submerged, redolent of Alice Coltrane’s graceful, spiritual ecstasy and the decelerated density and dusky forest-plunge of Wolfgang Voigt’s GAS project. A fever dream at turns gorgeous and fiery.”

Art Punk Electro-Poets

Throbbing Gristle, Einsturzende Neubaten, The Fall, Suicide and John Zorn are some of the artists that Brighton legends Map 71 have been compared to, but this art-punk combination of performance poet Lisa Jayne and drummer/noisemaker Andy Pyne (Medicine and Duty, Kellar, Shrag) have proved themselves over the past year or two of mind-rewiring gigs and cryptic releases to be a singular force, miles apart from any identifiable trend in their hometown or the world.

“Lisa Jayne is one of the most physically arresting performers of poetry in Brighton, with a stage presence informed by visiting London strip clubs and observing strippers at work: a persona at once both provocative and absent; lingering eye contact and gyrating hips behind a wall of cool Perspex charisma. As can be heard on Map 71’s tape on Blue Tapes, Andy Pyne’s primal approach offers the perfect backing for Jayne’s stark confessions, delivered in a thick Essex accent like apocalyptic proclamations from some piss-stained midnight car park of the mind.” – The Wire

Wild Anima
Field Recordings and looped shards

In her previous Blue Tapes incarnation as Kurosounds, the Paris-based sound designer Alex Alexopoulos weaved subtle field recordings around looped shards of music to create intuitive and atmospheric soundworlds that sucked the listener in. Rechristening herself Wild Anima, Alex has collaborated with a range of musicians to further develop her own brand of “spiritual pop” – a transcendent and uplifting sound that draws on techno, spiritual singers and mbira music.

Plus special guest –
Henry Collins
Short, brutal and on early

Thursday 1st September | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
@ The Green Door Store
Undercroft, Brighton Train Station, BN1 4FQ Brighton

The Spirit of Gravity BandCamp label has now re-emerged from a short hiatus, with a new release by I’m Dr Buoyant, “I’m Dr Buoyant plays Ron Caines.”

I'm Dr Buoyant Plays Ron Caines

For this album, I’m Dr Buoyant has taken the solo saxophone recordings of Ron Caines, and edited and manipulated them to create new forms, making more or less oblique references to the original material. No other sound source was used for these tracks.

The result is a thirteen track album of astounding variety; lyrical pieces jostle with jagged and stark soundscapes that is never anything but highly compelling and listenable.

This new release is available for donations via the following link:


Further releases are in the pipeline from Music of Benares and Bramblings.