15th October at the Rose Hill: Oxjam All-dayer: Safehouse, Spirit of Gravity and Beatabet

Spirit of Gravity, Safehouse and Beatabet curate an all dayer event to help raise money for Oxfam. Leftfield live music and free improvisation spread out across 7 acts from 4pm to 11:30pm

Antipattern: Aquaphone and electronics

Jo Bramli: Solo vocals, effects and MAX/msp

David: Supercollider and analogue synthesisers

Static Memories: Double bass, small percussion, lots of processing.

Noteherder & McCloud: gritty electronics and freeflowing soprano sax

Dann Hignell & Hákarl: Electronics and stringed instruments

Spheress: electronic improvisation


Saturday 15th October | 4:00pm – 11:30pm | FREE
@ The Rosehill Tavern
70-71 Rosehill Terrace, Brighton, BN1 4JJ