3rd November at the Green Door Store: Timeron / Noisferatu / Isn’tses


Analogue Tramlines session all synth action

Timeron has decided to limit their possibilities using, as as a core, real-time non binary oscillations. Polyphony is less, samples craved. dodgy palette. The space in the box is important, feeding live sonic transmissions of air apparent electricity. the body speaks, those given voices speak from a vantage point suspended by a stale disbelief. Let it be known, Slick Rick has made it clear he wants absolutely no gaps or cracks. business stress.
He has always been a source of amusement throughout history. Why do these taste-makers exist? Time to step cautiously, no funky stuff, no guff.

Back to the plan, the sequencer styled 90’s. It doesn’t care about its groovy font…just an old worker. punch in the data, midi streams for clunky human expressions. ‘why are you doing that?’ says RM1x. T: ‘maybe to talk of some place in the mind lost or forgotten’ . R: ‘but in doing so you lose. with such repeats. the fleeting emotion that empowers is lost’ T: ‘ true, anyway all that rich analogue data is barely perceptible, by the time its shat out of a Microsoft’ R: ‘ are you suggesting that nothing can be communicated through these midi mutterings I am sending to those oscillators?’ T: ‘ I like your buttons’

All Hail thee Radish: invocation

Noisferatu are a masked duo who have urged audiences to Hail Thee Radish in their dark sonic occult rituals. These rituals are improvised journeys filled with darkly absurd imagery and veneration of thee radish. Live the rituals feature radishes, incense, chalk sigils (often crude an vaguely obscene) and guest performers (guitarists, sound manipulators, dancers, Rappers, vocalists, percussionists). Thee rituals always last 666 seconds. ALL HAIL THEE RADISH!!

AV collaboration:Lisa McKendrick (Listen Lisse);Tim Drage (Cementimental)

audio/visual collaboration
Experimental music using synths, electronics, vocals, circuit bending, live video hardware glitch, webcam and light sculptures.
Members: Lisa McKendrick (Listen Lisse)
Tim Drage (Cementimental)

Thursday 3rd November | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
@ The Green Door Store
Undercroft, Brighton Train Station, BN1 4FQ Brighton