1st March at the Green Door Store: Dolly Dollycore / Ultraterrestrials / Eub-Astra

Dolly Dollycore
Poetry meets soundscape, movement & ritual

Dolly Dollycore is working on a poetry meets soundscape, movement and other forms ritual exploring intensities of what it can be to love places. Starting at the location of my personal story with South Africa and Zimbabwe, where my parents are from, as well as being a child of immigrants in this country, it delves deep into both real and imaginary spaces, otherworlds, layers of movement, the interruptions, patterns, and horror shadows left by colonialism, spirits, stories and nothingness. The complexities, attachments, disconnections, breaks, knots, care, transcendence. What responsibilities do our ancestors leave us with? What is belonging? What is this feeling? What is ‘home’?
It is an active piece of exploration and magic in development.

A trio: transmissions shouting in from the ethers (Chemlab, Himmel, Meshmass)

Ultraterrestrials is locust shrill and fly huzz, child shout and the distant huss of cars out on the highway, riot sirens howling as warm Russian transistor tubes capture glowing waves of burbling broadcast voices, transmissions shouting in from the ethers, kettle whistle cycles up to static-scream, telephones, opera house, favorite melody, a single backwards masking kiss, orgasmic screaming moan to cheek-slap and a gunshot. I hear the rhythm of drums.
Richard Miles – Meshmass, Himmel.
Tom Mugridge – Himmel
Jared Louche – Chemlab, Prude

Musical signalling from A and Z via patio lighting

Z*qhygoem & Alistair Strachan use instruments, lights and electrical devices to make sounds. They both have a long history of making music, Al in particular has played with 3 of your 5 favourite local acts. Possibly all of them.

Thursday 1st March 2018 | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
@ The Green Door Store
Undercroft, Brighton Train Station, BN1 4FQ Brighton