Next radio broadcast on ResonanceExtra FM: Tuesday 11th September 10.00pm to 12.00

Gravity Waves and the Spirit World

The next edition of the Spirit of Gravity radio show will be broadcast on Tuesday 11th September from 10.00pm to 12.00 on ResonanceExtra FM.

Part 2 of the ECT Podcast crew discussing The Xenofeminist Manifesto and the full Spirit of Gravity release: Casiotopia

Resonance Extra is available on DAB to listeners in Central Brighton and online to the rest of the world (how to listen). You can also listen online at and directly using this link. Resonance Extra is also available via Radioplayer and TuneIn.

The August edition of the Spirit of Gravity Radio show is available on the ResonanceFM Mixcloud page:

This show features a collage of audio from the “Fort Process Dispersion De La Warr Takeover”; from gravity experiments to installations to cosmic jazz to no wave tennis to actual musical content. This is one of the run up events for September’s Fort Process at Newhaven Fort on the 22nd of September. Featuring The Legend of St Winiborde, Ed Briggs, Antivoid Alliance, F.Ampism, Plurals and Bolide