4th October at the Green Door Store: Isnaj Dui / Loftslag / ESP

Isnaj Dui
Flutes, dulcimers, electronics

Returning to the Spirit of Gravity since her fist show at The Scope a couple of years ago. Standing awkwardly between neo-impressionism and electronica, Isnaj Dui (aka Katie English) conveys a minimal yet captivating sound using flutes, home-made dulcimers and electronics. As a classically trained flautist, English has also studied electroacoustic music, alternative tunings and Balinese gamelan and has collaborated with numerous artists from electronica acts to folk bands.


A new wave of punk no practice no money just noise.

Angle Zero can no longer make it and have been replaced by Loftslag, featuring members of Benen and Jothi.

Electronic Sound Pictures

Born from their love of abstract audio, Brighton based duo E.S.P. is a project by Mark Churcher and Adam Wimbush to create Electronic Sound Pictures.
Combining BBC Sound Effects records with field recordings, sonic experiments and noise accidents, E.S.P. are transforming the non-musical audio into immersive sound collages.
Through experimenting with, and juxtaposing sound effects, this duo have become the architects of their own alternative narratives, atmospheres and audio images – limited only by their imaginations!
They make the sounds, you create the pictures.

Thursday 4th October 2018 | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
@ The Green Door Store
Undercroft, Brighton Train Station, BN1 4FQ Brighton