6th June at the Rossi Bar: Mai Mai Mai / Dolly Dollycore / Muster

Mai Mai Mai
Italian Gnod related scorched synthesis AV set

As a child, Toni Cutrone aka Mai Mai Mai followed his parents around Europe and the Near East, ending up in the south of Italy, assimilating different cultures, atmospheres and sonorities of the places he was involuntarily taken to. These sensations and sounds were intense enough to leave indelible traces in his music, but Roman noise omnivore Cutrone own decade-plus experience in the Italian underground has doubtless played a role as well .

Each and everyone of Mai Mai Mai poisonous, punishing electronic miasmas are named after characters of the Greek alphabet, beginning with Theta (Boring Machines, 2013) and followed by Δέλτα (Delta) (Yerevan Tapes, 2014) and Φ (Phi) (Not Not Fun Records / Boring Machines, 2017), final installment of his Mediterranean trilogy, which pushes the project deeper into a vivid interzone of digital synthesis and scorched ritual.

Mai Mai Mai latest project, “Nel Sud” is also in a way inspired by the Mediterranean. “Nel Sud” is a journey in the past of the Italian south, done through original footage taken from Italian ethno-documentaries made during the 60s and 70s with original soundtrack by Mai Mai Mai mixed with sounds from the original movies.

Films by directors such as Luigi Di Gianni, Gianfranco Mingozzi, Vittorio De Seta and Cecilia Mangini, edited and manipulated in real time by the video artist Simne Donadni, together with Mai Mai Mai hypnotic music, make you wander in the “Mezzogiorno d’Italia”, exploring the intertwining of pagan rituals and Catholicism in southern Italy, the labor and the dignity of Life and Death, the fragility of man subdued by Nature, by “Divine” and “Magic”. The original soundtrack for this project is due to be released as an album at the end of April 2019 by La tempesta International.

Recently, Mai Mai Mai was also part of last Gnod record “Chapel perilous” (on Rocket Recordings) as a member of the recording band. In his many European and Uk tours he played with Silver Apples and Tanya Tagaq, toured with Gnod, was invited at Liverpool Psych Fest.

“Cutrone deserves admiration for how much he crams into such a short space of time, preventing the listener from ever locking the record into the straightjackets of genre and influence.” – The Quietus

“Mai Mai Mai trades in energising blasts of biomechanical synth noise which snarl and throb like a demonically possessed star cruiser” – The Wire

“Diggin this f-cked, weirded out, atonal mad shizzle from Rome” – The Bug

“Mai Mai Mai records rich and challenging drone, ambient, and electronic music, which is often as elegant as it is abrasive” – Daily Bandcamp


Dolly Dollycore
Spoken words and electronics

Dolly Dollycore is sometimes Dolly Turing and works in poetry, sound, play, ritual, magic. They are interested in process, and in what going through experiences of sound, words, smell, movement and play may invoke in us, in our consciousness, and in the world. She is currently working on two projects, one (Quest)ion)) exploring home, attachment, interruption, ancestral impacts, wide open space and nothingness, the other (Play Stance) play as transmutation, metamorphosis and meaning cookery. Both with a side of queerness, and with plenty of interesting spirits getting involved. Her first pamphlet OH (PARA)COSMIC BEING came out with The Vinter Olympiks in October 2016. They had work in the recent anthology Spells published by Ignota, and have had work published by Datableed, Hesterglock and Litmus. There’ll be gongs, words, electronic soundscapes and “bold anthem(s)” – The New Statesman (wtf).

They also play in various bands including God’s Teeth and The Interstellar Tropics



MUSTER is the improvising duo of Dan Powell (Brighton) and James O’Sullivan (South London), formed accidentally on 2nd November, 2016, in the Catford Constitutional Club. Its musical elements are simultaneously intricately interwoven and related far from their point of origin, both site-specific and existing nowhere in particular.

James O’Sullivan is an experimental guitar player, active on the fringes of London’s free improvisation scene over the past decade. He aims to exploit the full sonic potential of the guitar, relating it meaningfully and enduringly to both the immediate physical environment and the domain of recorded improvised music. His interest in improvisation, recording and performance has led him to record and perform across the UK and internationally, both solo and with numerous improvised music groups. More longstanding arrangements include Found Drowned, a trio with Pete Marsh and Paul May, and his collaboration with Thanos Chrysakis on several releases on the Aural Terrains imprint. His debut solo album, feed back couple, was released in 2011. His second solo album, IL Y A, is out now on Linear Obsessional.

Dan Powell was born in Essex and moved to London to study photography at The Polytechnic of Central London. After college he ran a gallery on the South Bank, showed a few installations and was involved in the OMSK collective putting on arts events. He moved to Brighton in 1999 and is a sound artist who uses handmade and proprietary electronics, tuned percussion and a variety of acoustic instruments and household objects to make his work. A lot of the time he prefers to work with other people in various combinations, especially with Gus Garside and Chris Parfitt in The Static Memories and Nil respectively. Solo projects include a hand built electronic instrument and, and a piece marking 75 years of St Dunstans hospital.



Thursday 6th June 2019 | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
Downstairs @ The Rossi Bar
8 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA