Fourth Spirit of Gravity online streaming event: June 2021

Featuring Kieran Mahon / Rdyer / Melancholic Robot Tantrum / Andrew Greaves

Kieran Mahon: This piece was made and recorded especially for Spirit of Gravity and was entirely improvised in one take. It is a repetitious cosmic drone, based on two very simple sequences and a lot of random modulation. Over the last year I have found increasing inspiration from the music of Michael O’Shea  – this piece owes a lot to him. It would be best listened to on headphones.

Rdyer uses saxophone, saw, harp, found sounds, tape samples, looped vocals and synth to create mesmerising baroque pop laced with chaotic improvisation.

Melancholic Robot Tantrum: Industrial tinged electronic music for robots & humans.

Andrew Greaves is a Brighton based musician, visual artist and member of the Spirit of Gravity. His work over the past decade has focussed on electronic minimalism, keyboard improvisation, live film soundtracks and sound collage. During the past year, Andrew has set aside his intense Casio organ improvisations; central to his previous work, in favour of layered analog synth sequences, arpeggios and loops. Andrew is exploring the meditative effects of gradual melodic and harmonic development, where multiple elements build, mesh, shift, vie for dominance, ebb and flow. Andrew starts his June show performance with some synthesiser improvisations intertwined with a collage of found cassette recordings of his father’s classic tenor voice. Andrew’s melodic approach at times recalls the simple and brittle themes of Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Tonto’s Expanding Head Band and Robert Wyatt. While his more intense improvisations seem a contemporary development on the works of Terry Riley, Suzanne Ciani or Mike Ratledge. The use of non-western scales is a constant and Andrew acknowledges the influence of African, Indian and Far Eastern musics on his work and its wider impact on all kinds of minimalism, experimental and electronic musics. This mix of influences and approaches can be heard on his most recent album “Works From Home”, just released on the Spirit Of Gravity Bandcamp label.
For this event, Andrew hopes to recapture a little of the feeling of an intimate performance at the Spirit Of Gravity show in the basement of Brighton’s Rossi Bar.

Stream visuals by midierror:
Incidental music provided by midierror and Kristoffer Lisgaard: