Thursday 6th January at the Rossi Bar: Meljoann / R. Dyer / Iplu

Featuring: MELJOANN / R. DYER / IPLU

Meljoann: dystopian pop, disorientating noises, corporate video testimonials
R. Dyer: odd songs built from memories and stray kit
Iplu: abstract electronica and minimalist ambient improv for the bain malt.

R. Dyer uses saxophone, saw, harp, found sounds, tape samples, looped vocals and synth to create mesmerising baroque pop laced with chaotic improvisation.

Originally from Dublin, Meljoann produces experimental electronic pop. In her latest single ‘Assfuck the Boss’, she explores the “stockholm syndrome of the employed”. Her sound has been described as “like a long-lost soul-pop album from the mid-1990s as remixed by Aphex Twin” (Eamon de Paor, Metro Herald)
About her latest album “HR” Pitchfork say: “In its social venom and unsparing bleakness, the album’s closest peer is probably U.S. Girls’ In a Poem Unlimited. But HR is both a one-woman show and a far less heady one: too furious for subtlety.”

Arthur “Junior” Robinson is Iplu – field recordings and electronics are a natural step up from his previous project W3imaraner. Limited hand-dubbed baby blue c28s. Probably Retrac’s best sounding tape yet!

Thursday 6th January 2022 | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
Downstairs @ The Rossi Bar
8 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA