New release on the Spirit of Gravity netlabel: Noteherder and I’m Dr Buoyant

The latest release from the Spirit of Gravity, Brighton’s long-shining lodestar of the musical leftfield, is ‘Day’ by Noteherder and I’m Dr Buoyant

Since releasing “The Floating Museum” in February 2021, Noteherder (Chris Parfitt) and I’m Dr Buoyant (Tony Rimbaud) have continued to exchange sound files between Porthcawl and Brighton, the best elements of which will be released across two full-length volumes, ‘Day’ and ‘Night’.

We kick off with Day; more expansive in tone than their previous release, I’m Dr Buoyant uses samples and effects based on Chris’s reed and concrète recordings to create sound beds on which
further improvisations easily sit. The unique musical chemistry, developed over many miles, is well worth worth a listen and a download at:

It may be confidently stated that ‘Night’ will follow ‘Day’, later this year