Thursday 14th July at the Rossi Bar: Robyn Steward / Eyal Talmor / Nuclear Whale

Please note that this event will be on the 2nd Thursday of the month, not the 1st as usual

The Spirit of Gravity Presents:
Robyn Steward: Space trumpet
Eyal Talmor: Dysfunctional Access Virus synth
Nuclear Whale: Ambient Drone based on ‘The Wake’ by Paul Kingsnorth

Robyn Steward is a musician, writer, promotor and autism activist based in London, she runs the regular event “Robyn’s Rocket” at Café Oto that leads the way in neurodivergent inclusiveness in experimental music. She has written extensively on autism and its intersections with experimental music and runs workshops for artists and promotors interested in increasing accessibility for audience and artist alike. Robyn’s performance will be exploring trumpet improvisation with electronic processing.

Eyal Talmor is an Israeli experimental musician based in Lisbon, Portugal. His performance is centered around a dysfunctional Access Virus synth that is operating beyond the machine’s capabilities, generating corrupted MIDI data and transmitted to several other machines. This method allows him to create sounds that otherwise would be impossible to reach and have unexpected results due to the chaotic nature of the process. This is part of an ongoing project collaborating with artists such as Jose Lencastre and Nuno Veiga (Portugal), and performing alongside Raja Kirik (Indonesia), Otto Von Schirach (US) and Broshuda (Germany).
A recent collaboration with Nuno Veiga

Nuclear Whale will be playing an ambient drone set incorporating his modular synth, exploring a post apocalyptic 1066 Norman invasion landscape based on his readings from the book ‘The Wake’ by Paul Kingsnorth

Chris [Symmetrical Forces] creates live visuals for each performance using his own lo-fi footage, dusty VHS tapes and obscure videos from the internet to create futuristic images from the past overlayed with out-of-reach memories and vague fragments of lost visions.

Thursday 14th July 2022 | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
Downstairs @ The Rossi Bar
8 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA