Thursday 4th August at the Rossi Bar: Son of the Sun / Secret Nuclear / Rotten Bliss

The Spirit of Gravity Presents:
S☉N OF THE SUN: Hermetic fable: live show, ritual, dance
Secret Nuclear: Sonic venturing
Rotten Bliss: Cello / noise

Mark Wagner presents S☉N OF THE SUN, a ritual-performance based on Hermeticism and the Great Work of Alchemy. Hypnotic and immersive, featuring warped electronica, mangled beats and live remixes of his latest release out on ZamZamrec / Adaadat.
Mark Wagner is an artist and composer whose work centres on Mysticism.

Secret Nuclear is the artist name of Surrey-based musician and designer Tim Spear. Secret Nuclear aims to explore experimental electronica, from woozy minimalism, treated field recordings and loops which he describes as “paranoid ambient”, through to all-out noise. ““… a disturbing echo of cold war paranoia” – Electronic Sound Magazine.
He has released a series of EPs and also contributed mixes and guest sessions for radio shows such as Kites & Pylons, DARK TRAIN and Urban Mutant. He also produces a quarterly radio show for CAMP, an arts centre based in the Pyrenees.

Rotten Bliss: Disturbing dreams and tender imagery haunt the violent, warm & weird visions of London based cellist, vocalist and instrument inventor Jasmine Pender, whose work voyages through noise, drone, folk, blues, and sound collage: “coarse and beautifully heavy songs” (The Wire Magazine, July 2018)

Thursday 4th August 2022 | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
Downstairs @ The Rossi Bar
8 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA