Next radio broadcast on ResonanceExtra FM: Sunday 28th April – 8.00 to 10.00pm

Gravity Waves and the Spirit World

Sunday 28th April 2024 from 8.00 to 10.00pm on ResonanceExtra FM, DAB radio or online at

This month we wave goodbye to Ellis Warren and wish him all the best with his own show on Resonance Extra. It has been a crazy 6 months of audio gibberishism. Ellis, Wee Zaloote yeww. For the April edition, alongside our regular round-up of music from within the orbit of the Spirit of the Gravity Collective, we welcome our new resident contributor: Spectral Transmissions, who will be taking over the ‘Spirit World’ hour of the show for the next six months. We look forward to listening to the sounds they summon into our realm.

First hour: Andrew Greaves – Ampelmann Part 1 / Fat Concubine – Mad man / Andrew Greaves – Georgengarten / Distant Animals – The Tory Party Killed Your Nan / Andrew Greaves – Ampelmann Part 2 / Dhangsha – Duplicity / Andrew Greaves – A Round Trip
Second hour: Spectral Transmissions Audio Collage

The March edition of the Spirit of Gravity Radio show is available on the ResonanceFM Mixcloud page:
In this edition, guest curator Think Twice presents a second instalment of his Rascal Arts mix, while the second hour features tracks from Spirit of Gravity compilation of sample-based music Sampler Sampler, accompanied by sounds from the orbit of the Spirit of Gravity by Gagarin, Hannya White, Noteherder & McCloud and Spaghetti Blacc.