New release on the Spirit of Gravity BandCamp label: Andrew Greaves – a listener’s response to urban walking

A further release from Spirit of Gravity hits planet earth on 1 May. Entitled a listener’s response to urban walking by Andrew Greaves, with contributions from Ron Caines (sax) and Pete Dixon (guitar). All written, arranged and produced by Andrew, apart from Ron’s original piece ‘Courtége’. The five-track album was inspired by a trip to the German city of Dessau, home of the Bauhaus. Walking between sites of memory linked the iconic design movement, Andrew noticed how “environments morph into each other; shopping quarters become residential, then drift into light industrial areas, into parklands and then out into the suburbs. With each shift in environment comes a change of colours and sound quality. I sensed these elements influencing my mood.”
The album may be streamed or downloaded from 1 May at: