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Ghosts and Aliens

I’ve been told some people are having problems getting the files to play, if you are, try saving them to your machine and playing them from there.

We have a new camera, and a new Minidisk Recorder, so its all gone a bit art this week. The full size picture of Gus in particular is a rare treat, scary powerful stuff.

Gus plays Bass

Thor and Dan process it – a set of results are here.

minimal impact also process Gus and some of their results are here.

Chevron give us a break from strings and plays a silver keyboard, this should have been the first outing for Chevvers new laptop, instead it was (hopefully) the last outing for the old one, poor broken thing, I’ve never seen a laptop struggle so manfully.

Bela played her Cello and this her new Viol, we were hoping to have a lovely clear shot of it, its quite lovely to look at, oh well.

Bela also played the Saw, and sang, the saw isn’t on our recording as we didn’t mic it up, but as she was processing her voice we did capture that.