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Werewolves of brighton – clocks tick by themselves

The full moon played havoc with us tonight. Equipment malfunctions, homing pigeons circling the neighbourhood unable to find a home, badness all round.

The lucky recipients of the brunt of the lunar waywardness were ad:art who repeatedly struggled against collapsing hard drives, but eventually succumbed to the whmsy of fate.
But not before leaving us this singular version of
fat (but happy)

Practically the last thing con_fuzed did before taking her coach over the sea was play this show. A terrible grapple with the gods of Brightons traffic meant that she arrived too late for a soundcheck, we did get a recording of her set though: here is an excerpt.

Noteherder &McCloud actually played first and escaped relatively unscathed.
Here is a segment of something seen through the window of a passing El

After another attempt to pay their set gave rise to a further abbreviated song and a lengthened sense of frustration, ad:art played some stuff off this CD, while _minimalVector did some visuals.
Its a good CD, if you see it anywhere, you should snap it up.