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In Henry’s Rain

September 2015
The Scope XIV

Cheesemaster’s Home Video

Cheesemaster's Home Video
We start the evening off with some of my holiday video…. I’ve got some footage of a ride on a jet-boat in the Everglades, the engine sound is raw as hell – a 7 litre beast with no baffles that overloads the camera mic quite nicely. I projected the film onscreen and fed the soundtrack through a cascade of fuzzboxes, it makes a nice AV noise set. It’s fun and I can’t help leaning into the corners.

Andre’s Elbow

Andre's Elbow Second up is Andre’s Elbow, Dan Powell and Tony Rimbaud, the soundcheck was excellent, Tony processing Dan’s small percussion and throat singing to lovely effect; a rolling thick exotic mosaic. The set itself is marred with some tonal feedback that seemed to get deep into the effects chain and won’t go away, and as a consequence they were too distracted trying to dispatch the thing to really gel. I’d like to see them do it again, as when they had everything back and under control Dan had some whistling vocal drone and singing bowl going on and it finally started to show the promise of the soundcheck.


Deemer Rounding of the evening were Deemer; Dee Byrne and Merijn Royaards down from the big city. Dee plays saxophone and Merijn had a stack of old acid boxes; then, between them, they had some old portable CRT style TVs and a whole lot of processing kit. It was a set that felt full of opportunities and at any moment could go shoot off in any of a number of directions – there were elements of jazz, some suppressed 303, some noise things bubbling up through magnetic sensors in front of the TVs – the frame hold lines buzzing through them. And they did visit a number of these places in a remarkably coherent way. Dee plays with a number of the improviser’s we’ve had down recently and they both pay a great deal of attention to what’s going on around them.