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the snowy country of mental states

As you can imagine Xmas provides us all with a stressful opportunity to do something festive, no matter what we’re usually like.

So I’m Dr Buoyant Collected together loads of cheery Christmas samples and got together and made some spectacularly weird music. As you’d expect.

Then we had Don Tempi to show us how its done, TV Advertising from July 1981. Couldn’t be finer.

Only video of Don I’m afraid.
Don Tempi – Pacers

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Finally the Samoans enacted Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Daft buggers. Here is the bit with the chairs all upside down and the football game.

The samoans vs HST

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This soundclip is actually from the following night at Wrong music when they tried to do it again with mi and only one Samoan. And failed miserably.