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the colours flow through me

Following from last months show, where we had _minimal vector provide up to the minute processed images, we went back to old school slide projectors and incense for what was billed as an evening of twenty first century psychedelia.
The first shot is what we saw (we had projectors on stage, couldn’t get quite enough smoke up for full effect due to the high level of electric fan action going on).

J’m Black played a set with his new loop setup, which seemed to include some breaks and beats that were quite unexpected. An excellent set of improvised pieces, which included some amazing space guitar and a terrific bit of Jazz/Space call and response guitar, with the response seeming to come from the other side of time.


The Birds of Death Valley were a duo, and it’s hard to find fault with an act that start their set with a Theremin, so I won’t. A space electronica dub tribute to Sun Ra with robes and shades, the Theremin I’ve mentioned and cornet. And Planet earth in her glory full screen behind.

The Birds of Death Valley-orbital_point.mp3

And to round the evening off ElMaes, a five piece, played “5” in a long version, sitar (Hot Roddy/Same Actor) and tablas, electronics and voices (more voices in fact than there seemed to be people talking). Incense and swirly lights I’ve also mentioned. Didn’t I?