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stay out of the woods

Due to a catastrophic system failure at 10pm the previous night (oh the joys of ‘just doing that final tweaking to the set’) Rekalix had to withdraw at the last minute, which is a shame as we were really looking forward to his set.

So minimal impact stepped in with a refined minimalist minimal impact set. Not as expansive as the uberdrone of legend, it was an exploration into the detail of what makes him tick. Illuminating.

We’re very pleased to have hosted Misha Begley’s first live show. A tour de force of Vocoder, distortion, strange loops and abrasive noises crowned with a creepy version of one of my favourite songs (its from “the wicker man”, the scariest film ever).

And bringing things to a chaotic and imaginative close was a collaboration between Eastbournes finest and a another group making their debut we had Deepkiss720 featuring Meat Dream. Beyond description as anything that involves Deepkiss720 seems to be it featured home made suits and masks; an electronic mug tree, unplugged leads and all manner of butchered devices.
deepkiss_720_feat_meat dream-35to40mins.mp3

There is some video, too at the
myspace page

Visuals by _minimal vector.