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May was a packed event, lots to pack in and a wide variety of things.

But only after first making some notes……

Les Dins

Hitting the floor running. Or dancing was Les Dins. Many moons ago the brains behind _minimalVector made quite popular house records. Now plundering the stores near his hideaway in Picardy for Nino Nardini records he’s gone back to his roots. Sort of.

Then Chris Cook of Same Actor and Hot Roddy fame (link to wrong cd) linked up with Chris Parfitt of 21 Grams and Noteherder & McCloud for a semi improvised microtonal piece featuring Soprano Saxophone and processed Sitar. Video below, no decent pictures I’m afraid. But heres some audio.

Jammed in at the last minute we had a special appearance from nwodtleM, Canada’s king of the cassette cutup. This time cutting up video footage to make music. A technique he obscurely calls “Jawa”. It works as funny video montage, and bizarrely, sounds just like nwodtleM.

Capping the evening off we had a return of the excellent Meat Dream from Eastbourne. A male/female DiY noise-art guitar and drums duo with electronics and processing. Not at all like the white stripes.
Not at all.

Les Dins

Chris Cook and Chris Parfitt Live

Meat Dream may 2008 #1

Meat Dream may 2008 #2

Wide open spaces – the October show

Guests for October came from countries where travelling by car is measured in days. Except Celled, who come from a place where finding a parking space takes days.

Just before he headed back to Canada, the long way round (while the nights have got colder here, I’ve just heard from Sean its 32 degrees C where he is in Thailand) nwodtleM played his fourth set for us.

Sean came up with a special set for us, eschewing the normal breaks and 80’s samples, it was a blast of tones, white noise and found concrete. All pitched up and down and messed around with and sourced from philips compact cassette.


On a busmans holiday, Chris Cobilis stopped off to bang the table, play guitar and zither and occasionally sing. The cultural ambassador from Perth Western Australia. I haven’t got a clip if his encore lecture on Australian Culture or the introduction to the Australian piss-weak seagull.

But I have got this dry and dusty as the West Australian plains version of
which Chris loops up out of a dodgy guitar lead crackle. Class.

Trekking in by Taxi from Hove came Celled. A minimalist treat of piano, Korg and effects, Celled took three songs by their noisy alter ego’s Sold, slowed them down beyond the point of it being funny and played them extremely quietly.

Joined by Ben Inman on very quiet Cornet, this is an unrecognisable version of Solds live favourite .