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Bring the noise

June 2015
Green Door Store

Hardworking Families

Hard-Working Families For Hardworking Families, a Gibson SG was set up flat across an oil drum table, part of the half input mixing desk setup favoured by HWF this evening. There is something that looks like his chair knocking about, but it’s not his, and he steers clear. so it leaps out all squeals and thrills before Tom reins it in tightly with small moves and the uncontrol gives way to pulses and less harsh high end.

Clive Henry

Clive Henry Clive Henry was second on, he’s very precise with his set-up, a chair with a box in precisely the right place at his side that he has a metronome clacking on. He stands leaning forward hands behind his back with wires hanging out of his mouth. although his reputation is for Harsh Noise, the sounds his mouth is (presumably) making are very tonal. He has excellent control stomping around the stage. The second half of his set is quite different, the metronome is turned into something a bit clackier by some laptop processing and he switches to gutteral thrash singing and the noise levels come up. the stomping turns to stalking. he has great presence and you can see why he’s been barely able to speak all evening.

Slow Slow Loris

Slow Slow Loris

Slow Slow Loris are a duo with laptop and vocals, a cymbal with a resonator, lots of processing, like Iron Oxide in Cleveland they’re trying to bring the processes and ideas of noise into a song based and repeatable format. And pull it off really well. its properly abstract and pretty harsh in places, but with structure and even a chorus or two.

Lorenzo Abbatoir

Lorenzo Abbatoir Lorenzo Abbatoir is another kettle of fish, as abstract as things can get, starting with a crumpling plastic water bottle making a rhythm track he stomps and cracks his body music, like Clive it’s a very theatrical performance. Active and dynamic with every action having its auditory consequences. A kind of un-mime thing.