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April Show

Three acts booked plus a special bonus guest courtesy of Britch and Bela.

Starting the evening first solo performance at the Spirit of Gravity for Founder and Malevich member Tony Rimbaud as I’m Dr Buoyant.

The Joy of Loops and The pleasure of extreme repetition would seem to be his forte, you’ve had a preview of the cd, it seems next up will be a mini cd of this show, so consider this a preview of that.


Chris arranged for Kay Grant to play as his last booking before he moved to the big city. She came along with her sideband project: Chris Weaver, a former heavy metal drummer turned laptops and electronics improvisor and dan hayhurst, a sculptor who used tape loops and found sound. I don’t know if it was deliberate but they were composed on stage left to right tallest to shortest; analogue to digital, with Kay holding the centra ground all the way.
their music was a mesmerising performance of wibbling tape manipulations, processed vocal sounds and strange digital inprovisations.

here is the first eight minutes of their set:


We had a heartfelt tribute to the late poet and humorist Ivor Cutler and then our surprise guest for the evening played. Ultrafoetus, it was short and chunky, we liked it. heres a picture of Fuzz, catlike, stalking the beat in his laptop.

And heres an mp3 of one of his pieces.

Minimal Impact was very pleased to bring the show to a close with an off the cuff dream piece about the war on noise, or was it the noise on terror?

We listened to it in the near dark, and its at its best if you do, too.

Ah, I’ve lost it. Doh!
I’ll find it yet!

Found it: again its the initial part of the set