you can’t keep a good typo down

I have more pictures which I’ll add later.

So this was our festical show featuring top fun from many places.

The elektrocreche kicked the mood off nicely with some chaotic fun.

Then it were Strangers From Birth.

Cranking up the noise levels were Henry Collins taking on the mighty Henry Collins in an earal waxbath made in hell.

Ital Tek cranked out some tunes.

Then Tim Exile

went all improv breakbeat on our asses.

and controlled it all from hisremote joystick.

Before Ceephax bought us back to earth with a great deal of old records.

Here is some video and there is lots more on our myspace page.

Tim Exile at SoG may 2009 pt II

Henry Collins vs minimal impact Sog may 2009

Strangers from birth sog may 2009