On the first day of autumn, or was it the last day of summer

A packed evening kicked off with the remaining Wrong Music Maestro The Gross Consumer with a pile of knackered toys built around a headless bent plastic Dalmatian. Covered with contacts for crocodile clips.

Top fun, it made nasty noises, played cheesy demo tunes that got mangled, growled and generally played the fool.
Jolly Good Fun.

Thee Gross Consumer – bid de bong bid de bong bong by The Spirit of Gravity

Swiftly we followed this with a far scarier set by field recordiningistas and general research bods Fallow

Fallow – an excerpt from the middle (fallow deer field recordings and incidental music) by The Spirit of Gravity

On an especially extended visit to blight, An Infinity Room filled our heads with superior drone technique on the bolt operated twin organs

This is an end section so you can hear the beat frequencies disappear as it winds down.
An Infinity Room – End section by The Spirit of Gravity

Rounding of the evening with his dancing feet was an inspired dubstep set from Gagarin.

Gagarin bit for blog by The Spirit of Gravity

So your eyes don’t feel let out. Here’s the video.